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My dream home

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73 points

Synagogue in Budapest. Do you see the special feature?

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Slav guardian angel

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61 points

Kazan, Russia

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14 points

Marble kitchen goals, Venice

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21 points

The reflection makes it look like there is a car on the balcony

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82 points

It's time again to think about what America stands for.

Preview 20ae9589 e755 4f02 b69e 3005d10eaf34
80 points

Let's play a game !

Preview 4d23fc33 5081 4fee 8a47 06ad99ff9276
47 points

Me on the 40 footer at work.

Preview a913eaf8 05a1 4e4d 81df b98fdb6c8954

She Can't Handle it.

Preview 6970efac 23ba 4bc4 bed3 7d8c9e5b7459
8 points

Even windows are hitting the gym these days

Preview 46a037f7 a44c 4fb1 8007 b6c987bd6147
5 points

This building looks 2D

Preview 41946cba 893e 44e7 a979 abf521b42c36
23 points

We found the Simpsons's house !!

Preview 0273da71 9e6d 4d43 957f a981ea7f921b

I want to live in this house so much

Preview e28a53d7 9617 4f47 933b a56f9661b6cf
17 points

They put the TV antenna on the wrong side!

Preview 65dfe7c4 9628 4541 b6e4 d12be29e8c01
93 points

US Embassy in Berlin today

Preview af9dcf3d 9cf2 4ac2 9372 2c1a4d5da1bf
14 points

We all need support while growing.

Preview 12ddfb4f 2c7c 4f9d 82d6 88f1b3396db8
13 points

Finally I found it!

Preview de1a763e 5836 4ea2 be17 51205cb6a179
231 points

Cracking a joke without offending anyone in 2017.

Preview b6e4a0f8 225c 4c45 8682 7cfa6a0babce
108 points

Trust me I an architect

Preview 2aaeb396 1d51 40cb 8a6a 5af4f0d27708
238 points

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