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Heroes not traitors

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I know the feel bro...

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Batman kissing batman in front of a sunset

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Makeup Artist Turns Herself Into Terrifying Monsters That’ll Give You Nightmares

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83 points


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Happy birthday to one of the greatest of all time, Robin Williams. He is sorely missed. Here is an oil portrait I painted of him a little wh

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102 points

Money, love, family, religion

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Makeup Artist Turns Herself Into Terrifying Monsters That’ll Give You Nightmares

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78 points

ISIS Militant 'Dresses As Woman To Try And Flee Mosul', Fools No One

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75 points

Pretty Women Beauty Silicone Face Slimmer Mouth Muscle Tightener Present

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13 points

And you're losing control

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Don't drive when you are sleepy...

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13 points

Learning the hard way

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Black Hair, Blue Eyes and Freckles /Olivefirthy - No she does not

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Caption this

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According to all known laws of aviation...

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This incredible image was drawn using only colored pencils and gel pens by 19-year-old artist, Jose Vergara.

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L l l l l l

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Drawing is my super power. What is yours?

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Eat Something Can you ?

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