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Don't drive when you are sleepy...

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10 points

Learning the hard way

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65 points

Always. King Ragnar Lothbrok

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We speak no Americano

Preview 0571a5cc 8167 4c0e 891e 415d2fbc607f
6 points

First Disney princess to take a... well you know

Preview 3eac49d2 66ed 4add 9cf5 220b1e0fc4f9
0 points

Every girl has been through this

Preview b6880931 75ee 46e2 b137 f3def87bac25
4 points

Who would you choose?

Preview 53f6c7ef 0c73 492b 8a3a 42613ef6d955

My friend prank called a McDonald's.



Preview 9026f927 eb7e 4c9d a1c3 1c114362a8d6
152 points

Seriously Susan?

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0 points

Ants in My Eyes Johnson

Preview 07c5ed39 e42b 4d76 8092 5e3e65db0e3e

Facial gone wrong after using an expired cream.

Preview a2928080 361b 49be 9d77 ab610e2da069
0 points

It's a me, Mario!

Preview 50632de6 1740 415a 8c8e 26e47b7790bc
1 points

The " I'm 25 dating a 16 year old but she'll be 17 in March" starter pack.

Preview 14f50fcf 9374 4a54 83c0 118d9246eda3
3 points

Say my name

Preview 98de6629 9e02 48fd a628 2523b8d0636c
93 points

Hit me like a truck

Preview 438832fb 0b89 4e77 ad17 c5d1c3284d00
146 points

Blogger Reading Mean Comments About Her Dogs Is So Funny

247 points

Driving a truck can harm

Preview b770be37 07f7 45e5 af8b bfa9e089408b
116 points

Sing for me bi**hes...

Preview fcf02e96 2600 4100 a5dc 584f39bb67e6
117 points

. Poor Sylvester

Preview ba38137b 36d1 479c b6a9 c777b03bf441
136 points

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