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Biggest idiot of the century

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60 points

I wonder if her forehead feels like the boob it looks like.

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78 points

Netflix and chill

Preview 4527e283 b7bd 4ec7 b92c 6b59c7393b8c
81 points

True dat.

Preview 73d13c9f 559a 40ad b8a1 e20596e69543
53 points

Glitter don't care, glitter get everywhere.

Preview 7d28bfff 14e4 4327 ad35 41e99cff3532
77 points

The feel…

Preview bf9155d0 abe1 41ff a214 cf74f1d2234f
81 points

Old Timberlake meets new Timberlake

Preview 1e1d97b4 ffed 4c91 86a5 e128833fe100
71 points

How nice of... wait

Preview 64d231d9 f7d5 44c9 8aed b999652848a1

When you try your best but you don't succeed

Preview ec480a6c 576f 46fc b349 152e56759751
52 points

Cavernous Hemanglioma

Preview 6d640814 643b 427e 8f7e 88fafd8407bf
72 points

Lip “trend” from Thailand

Preview 0deeadc6 f261 47db 8ac8 ef928ae934c1
81 points

Smart woman

Preview 0842d4be 38c5 4f76 9094 0911d01591e1
45 points

Chicks need to step up their eye glitter game.

Preview fee18b92 af6d 43c0 a663 50aac2d2292a
22 points

When you are Asian and someone calls you d**head

Preview 3166082b b773 4262 9efb aec9ec730d60
32 points

Coraline by Irina Sabetskaya

Preview 02166350 45d5 4011 8c05 553bd168948d

I don't want no trouble.

Preview e5a118b5 c78d 4086 9f8c bb41e2488058

A human eye with the condition Polycoria

Preview 532594dd 1f8e 4f12 97ff 85323c79ff14
20 points

Happy Birthday Seth MacFarlane (Actor-Writer-Producer-Crank Yankers,Hellboy II: The Golden Army,Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy,The Cleveland Show,Robot Chicken,The Orville,Logan Lucky)

Preview 7020cef8 47cc 4bb0 a3ef 34919185791d
24 points

Jacqueline Jossa

Preview 5dd84c4d ac2a 4e9a 86fa bbbe39908e4f
91 points

This is basically going to be the news tommorw

Preview e8c81932 914b 4700 bb62 b4cda541cbf5
23 points

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