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Barotrauma refers to injury caused by extreme air or water pressure. This can happen to your eyes as a result.

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67 points

My nephew’s goose egg.

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80 points

Such Truth

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99 points

When it comes to body modification, this guy nose no bounds.

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91 points

Oh brother

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69 points

They can see what you think

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84 points

Posted on Mark Hamill's instagram

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88 points

Took a pic of my girlfriend with my new DSLR, perfect timing.

Preview 92ba0464 e63b 4365 9b81 d7c70d8d4ff8

Ben SWOLO and Rey

Preview 9228cd89 ce7c 4f9b 9562 6b7126a00a65
82 points

My daughter looks like Beaker from The Muppets.

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68 points

My mother-in-law was messing around on a picture app and one of the filters decided to give my 1 year old son a mouth full of jacked up teeth. He only has 4 teeth

Preview 8c9c4b3a 6f6c 4992 bb1a 2169e42e3c08
63 points

This realistic face mask is horrifying.

Preview a8ea2ff8 e3d7 4ba4 bb07 11860ff7b7f7
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22 points

Tongue in cheek

Preview a0320b20 d42c 4411 87d3 8eebf63e8173
52 points

Caught the lil dude unawares...

Preview ded9af3f 3717 4ebc 8081 f458e230300e
42 points

Face swapped Joey and Chandler and created twins

Preview 74f47aea 0abc 4c3c ad7b e5ac88c510ba
80 points

The beauty always stands in the eye of the beer-holder...

Preview 91d7e355 bab3 4cb8 b738 e7b203875ec8
87 points

Just an insect on the ceiling

Preview b2ac39dc 04d4 4742 8daf 6300c84be3e3
46 points

slapping my buddy with a slice of pizza at mach speeds yields the best face possible

Preview a3bf28d1 12d5 4838 b68c 7703b7ae494c

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