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This is the most wonderful t-shirt I have seen

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7 points

Her eyes

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12 points

Russian girl in traditional headdress

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I always knew ill soon be able to grow a beard!

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11 points

My summer break summarized

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20 points

IMHO the judge who convicted the innocent man based on *no evidence* should also go to jail.

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16 points

Depression has been BUGging me lately

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17 points

Welcoming my coworker back to the office properly after his extended medical leave. --

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I made an epic orchestra piece out of an EMOJI! See what it sounds like... 💯👌🏼


If your cat wants attention, you better just give it to him...


Heroes not traitors

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15 points

I know the feel bro...

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7 points

Batman kissing batman in front of a sunset

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10 points

I don't know why but I'm strangely attracted to her..

Preview 87ae15a9 4da8 4a9c 8c09 318012374c1e

Makeup Artist Turns Herself Into Terrifying Monsters That’ll Give You Nightmares

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