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When you walk into your bachelorette party and find out your sister made all your friends wear a mask of your fiancé's face! This is nightmare material, right here!

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189 points

Buddy showed up to a NYE wearing the same thing as a stranger who had the same exact tattoo.

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122 points

When your mum gets home and finds the chicken still in the freezer when she asked you to get it out 8 hours ago

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146 points

Craig & Smokey

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121 points

My girlfriend got me a mousepad with my favourite picture of her on it

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139 points

The joy of scotch

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132 points

My aunt just received her son's kindergarten picture.

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123 points

We took a selfie with the guy who stole my wife’s purse at Disney springs

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That one Christmas when a champagne cork hit me in the eye.

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115 points

My dad many years ago.

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106 points

Fresh Prince of Bethlehem

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159 points

Someone flicked their cigarette while I was taking a picture of my friends last summer

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115 points


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108 points

It's not medicine, it's Pepsi

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102 points

This made my day😂

Preview 4b0fe920 087e 4342 86c7 ae40bd356c9a
157 points

One of the funniest Halloween costumes I've seen this year : Guy was dressed as a stock photo

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129 points

Poopin the question

Preview 5398fb92 1eda 4030 9c49 52bf83cefc16
65 points

Found this gem marked down from $100 to just $8.50!

Preview da1c60a9 efec 40e3 9ff4 0a8c1225fa24
54 points

Photo over the toilet of friend's parents house.

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88 points

Willem Dafamily

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