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Thoughts after telling a vegan joke to my girlfriend and her vegan friends

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The beating was not all that bad... Lost a bit of hair here and there but that about it.

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My mexican girlfriend drew this with a 25 cents pen

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When your friends are rolling another joint, but you are baked af.

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I would imagine that is the look he gave the person that said, yeah he's dead just leave him.

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My mexican girlfriend drew this in a few hours.

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Pasqual Piñón, the man with 2 heads, born in Mexico, 1862

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They all where cousins

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Op in France for a job, a woman colleague I met last week opens the door for me, we small talk and I tell her she looks tired...

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Best transformation I have ever seen.

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Leonardo DiCaprio is approaching his final look

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Chris D'Elia met his doppelganger at his latest show.

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Coffee in 3 steps

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ISIS Militant 'Dresses As Woman To Try And Flee Mosul', Fools No One

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230 points

When you have a party last night, and woke up in Kazakhstan

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57 points

Always happens

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16 points

Best rapper of our generation

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This photo was made by CIA in case Hitler would escape from Berlin bunker in 1945

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