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Lost book is finally found

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How People Define Beauty Around The World Is Amazing To Know

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What Happens In One Minute?

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Porn, I just want to watch the world burn.

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Haters will say its photoshop

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Best Friends French Kiss For The First Time (NSFW)

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363 points

Answer of life.

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145 points

Jaden Smith Reads Mind-Boggling Facts About the Universe And Finds Out His Entire Life Has Been A Lie

158 points

58 Years Apart - A Girl And A Woman Talk About Life Is Truly Inspiring

149 points

People Try Strange Condoms (NSFW)

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248 points

Fixed It

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208 points

Tricks You Can Do With Toothpaste Are Helpful Life Hacks

387 points

18 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places Will Stun You

177 points

Package was 2 days late. UPS insists no mistakes were made.

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WATCH: Real Surgeons Play Surgeon Simulator And It Doesn't Go So Well

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1 MB RAM. I could run this on a f*cking toaster

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Accurate af

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I was ready to turn over my savings for these, but after reading the reviews I'm torn.

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What's the best insult you can come up with?

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