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I made this chart to explain why I can't stand one of my wife's friends.

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What's your expertise?

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Today I talked to someone from Amazon Customer Service... WOW.

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Sad but true...

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Why the products nowadays live less ? is at about consumption rates ?

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Hurricane checklist for Floridians

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No need to check this book out to learn what I need to know about Australian Shepherds

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Google now has an "Ad knew too much" option when reporting an ad.

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A nice old lady was having a yard sale in my neighborhood yesterday

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Decided to have some fun with one of those spam emails that made up a fake relative and event to get me to send money. The right is my reply

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What on earth happened in this hotel?

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When you need that quick energy boost.

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Things I love

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Cards Against Humanity isn't for everyone.

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Obama was really born in Hawaii.

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When you need that quick energy boost

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*Insert hol up meme*

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