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17 Add me on snapchat Texasboy825 for more photography just like this.

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17 Add me on snapchat Texasboy825 for more photography just like this

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I work on the ship, and everyday I can see this beauty

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75 points

Shadow of clouds on clouds.

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17 Add me on snapchat Texasboy825 for great photography just like this.

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Every DIY Project Ever

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72 points


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147 points

Greece my village petrilion

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The Phenomenon Of “Crown Shyness” Where Trees Avoid Touching

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100 points

Misty Morning

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59 points

People in 2017 be like " The Simpsons predicted it"

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142 points

First Time Riding an Airplane

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83 points

Dumb spaghetti westerns

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Lisa Peachy

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227 points

Sunflower Field near my house

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93 points

Inside Irma's Eye

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61 points

Same counts for southern Germany

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My dad took a pic during the eclipse today.

Preview a2a05799 7f5e 406b 8a9c 113ee41bacb8
52 points

Crown shyness, a phenomenon where the leaves and branches of individual trees don’t touch those of other trees, forming gaps in the canopy

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