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Husband took the picture just as the butterfly took off towards him. Result, GIANT butterfly!

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Stunt pilot restarts his single engine in the nick of time


No wonder she was wicked

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Some climbers set up a jump on Table Mountain, Cape Town


While walking in the woods found a rotting pumpkin with a decapitated chicken's head inside.

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17 Add me on snapchat Texasboy825 for more photography just like this.

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17 Add me on snapchat Texasboy825 for more photography just like this

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Wanted to make the goofiest looking pumpkin I could. I think I did alright

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Kentucky October

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I left the rollercoaster ride out too long and it left this huge dick in my yard!

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17 Add me on snapchat Texasboy825 for great photography just like this.

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Man walking down the street with balloons attached to him.

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Never too early to think about fall!

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The dragon pumpkin :)

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I have found a really fat squirrel :)

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my dad making a nice chip

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When mom and dad kiss in front of you

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Graubünden, Switzerland

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Fall foliage from a recent hike.

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Greece my village petrilion

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