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I tought it was a normal picture at first...

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105 points

Foggy Autumn morning

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11 points

Elk pinned to a tree by an avalanche

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17 points

This sediment-pink waterfall during heavy rains in Alberta, Canada

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My friend is an amateur photographer. Please show him some love.

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11 points

This candle is usually found right next to a "Live, Laugh, Love" sign.

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Retrieving a frisbee


Man falls off motorcycle on highway

456 points

A foggy, but beautiful morning walk.

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14 points

New world's longest suspension bridge, Charles Kuonen in Switzerland, spans 1,621 feet and is 279 feet high

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The rural roads of South Carolina

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79 points

Otherworldly Waterfall you can find in Romania (Bigar Waterfall)

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20 points

Morning mountain lake

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13 points

Real tree leaf carved by me

Preview 6ce10275 b2b0 4f88 b12b 756d832bcbbb
13 points

Maple Ridge in Japan

Preview 90007929 0766 4687 9e1a d5b4265479ba
13 points

My Dad took this photo on his lunchtime walk at work the other day. The last autumn leaves had fallen by the lake (Perth, Australia).

Preview 2b2118d5 478b 41f4 873d 8a0a18ce1838
107 points

"L'orco della foresta"

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