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I have found a really fat squirrel :)

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11 points

my dad making a nice chip

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When mom and dad kiss in front of you

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59 points

Graubünden, Switzerland

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Fall foliage from a recent hike.

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17 points

Greece my village petrilion

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While walking in the woods found a rotting pumpkin with a decapitated chicken's head inside.

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60 points

To me nothing is better than the old fashioned Russian beauty.

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71 points

Smells like pumpkin spice.

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Can you find the Piece of bread because I threw it in the right place where no one would look

Preview 40986d8e 18b2 4555 ae06 a41edef038aa

She enjoyed the photo shoot...

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My fiance and I made pumpkins like one we saw on here, but they've started to rot. Now our pumpkins look like a couple of crazy meth heads.

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20 points

A foggy morning

Preview 964ae7c1 dd15 4819 b38c 6a35d9e777e2
10 points

Someone had a bad day at the Tail of the Dragon...

Preview 4e8b6557 dfc3 4652 affd 48f2807a0322

So Beautiful.............

Preview 93378b65 962a 4e93 895b 34f563b62dd3
52 points

Balloon man walking down the street

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9 points

Beautiful asian girl on horseback

Preview 22d66585 4567 4de5 ab57 0885f0f12159
230 points

Found near Alta Colorado

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20 points

Human for scale center right.

Preview 4d19810b 1ecc 49ec 8b0b 080f5f166b85
59 points

Good times were had by most at the pumpkin party

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