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Tree House, Cape Town, South Africa

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The mess I woke up to. Am I the jerk for leaving a roll of paper towels on the couch?

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Light-filled kitchen shows off its oak skeleton in this home located in Reigate, Surrey, England.

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11 points

You cost me an arm baby

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16 points

Did you read it in his voice?

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Kid learned the truth too early

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21 points

Babies feeding their dads

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56 points

Penthouse in Miami, Florida.

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14 points

His Royal Corpulence

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20 points

My dad bought me a shower curtain, I don’t think he took the time to read it

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57 points

Brotherly love

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Slav cats be like

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14 points

“All the other seats are open you say? I’m fine where I am.”

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Still getting my money's worth

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22 points

Grace Santorini Hotel, Imerovigli, Greece

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18 points

When you are about to leave for work but you forgot to feed your cat his wet food...

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20 points

Pink beans

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