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No thanks, Mildred.

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We gave my friend's living room a bit of colour.

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So much cute .

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New Dad Achievement: Unlocked...

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Living area with high ceilings and ample light in a home designed to take advantage of its view of the ocean, located outside Stockholm.

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This urinal next to sink

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'I want to see more "green" in your fridge' she said - kk m8

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The things you find at grandma's house...

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I love this pic, it gives me the chills

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Emma's a b*tch anyway.

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This cloud looks just like a cat!!! Well – it’s a cat!

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This Is Animal Abuse!

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Elmo knows where you live...

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Friend had swallows nesting outside his house, checked the nest today to see this.

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Yawning with his eyes open

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"I only destroyed ONE of the doors"

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A room in a tree house on a crane in Bristol

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Pizza is sharing, pizza is caring

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This is him now.

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