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😂 I love the internet

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7 points

A joke book from 1940

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8 points

Gee, Thanks Kid!

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My wife is deployed. Some first graders sent her letters for Christmas. This is her favorite.

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74 points

Helping with alcoholism

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We drove around trying to figure out why the hell all the liquor stores were closed in Myrtle Beach at 7:30 when we finally found this gem..

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87 points

Friend puts fine dining menus in his son's lunch box

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85 points

PSA: Tornado Safety

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83 points

Sign at Florida BBQ restaurant.

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85 points

So meowch truth

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"He guards the tomatoes."

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53 points

Any damage to my health?

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Went to go do laundry this morning and found this gem!

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56 points

How many pancakes?

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53 points

How to properly use soap.

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55 points

My dad got this in the mail

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55 points

How to fight a bear

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70 points

Well played.

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