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Well That Escalated Quickly

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Just a prank bro

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71 points

Oh the irony

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75 points

Corgos = doggo loafs

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15 points

I work at a movie theater, we but this beauty up today

Preview 5ea4e4c7 0bf8 4f42 9ec8 f7c3ca802e58
17 points

Pick up lines #1

Preview 545e1322 8d99 4459 b879 a853e831b0ce

Wait, what? (X-post r/FoundPaper

Preview c77402c2 1d94 4cab 8ec5 4cea20db5e4d

How kids judge the Halloween candy you give out.

Preview a852d39b 20ba 4d24 be41 73aec27aa31e
15 points

Just gonna put this here

Preview 7166c73c c734 40d4 8327 acabfb43f882
88 points

Lie Detector Manual

Preview f9c51384 eb2b 4013 800e e5c651d4343f
80 points

Free Head For The Whole Family!

Preview 8398f728 fc26 4ac4 9a38 d7f7d82316a9

Ffs Iris

Preview fc1c4165 316c 4ab9 bec3 1d12866d31c4

Got married on Friday and my 11 year old niece left me GREAT advice!

Preview 9df67f88 aea0 433d 8ce5 9970c8d4a1d9
59 points

Accidently printed the Terms of service instead of accepting them.

Preview 128051f1 f0e9 4d88 8b22 5c72d9e96f9b
15 points


Preview d0c534ca 4f3c 4569 9753 649c878225de
73 points

There, I fixed it for you

Preview 5ff54d81 e6d0 4e20 a2d7 68ca5e98ddca
69 points

A Children's Fable

Preview cfb00832 e1d2 4b7d a3c5 40567cd28aad

Sign on a tree on my road.

Preview 49ce4bcc 64c9 4ac1 9d9b 0ec77e39f7a4
64 points

Canada Eh ?

Preview bce5e1b5 7a3d 4664 82f5 65d8a36f90c1
91 points

Summer day cycles

Preview 5c23300e fc1a 41c0 802a 9fc510e69c70
15 points

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