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Showing instructions in a panda suit.

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8 points

Idk about this...

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I asked for extra spicy Pad Thai today.

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67 points

So I teach English abroad and this was my student's phonics book.

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55 points

The kid's favourite dish

Preview f2bc3a1e c515 4dba a94d 6aa9220e5b90
69 points

I think the oil change place is hinting that I should clean the junk out of my car

Preview 537c80df e866 473a bfbc 8c2ad2378669
93 points

Single in 3,2,1...

Preview 04ad167c 3b43 4aa8 b553 f1680743334e
81 points

This description for the film Gladiator.

Preview 7d94f948 e341 4bd6 89a7 b9e0318ba4a0
75 points

The all-American element of surprise

Preview 54a01e28 2923 43e8 a353 4c89f0b295de
75 points

I Really Did Not Want To Fit This

Preview 78d60395 ac9f 44f6 b9ea 2dee65c90e01
22 points

Can any finns confirm?

Preview 38e3e00f 585d 4165 87e7 52bda3c94a5d
17 points

Time travel

Preview 4b16d224 faed 423d 8e13 7c71617dfa02

A coworker asked our owner for a letter of recommendation. This is what he got.

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14 points

My family’s meal plan for the week

Preview 6b3cc29f 4de2 49e2 b508 bf752ebc1865
18 points

Helping you out

Preview fa433235 c643 414f 93a7 a2dbfa9137f9
23 points

A 1970s colour chart from the uk.

Preview 651fe3e1 36ae 4a5a b8f5 1f328b834964

F*ck yeahh

Preview a53d8709 eee3 4a72 9c3d 73a65d4eb64b
64 points

How to speak like an Australian

Preview 9d18a79a dc6c 4e41 b963 fac505a20180
24 points

Oh, sorry.

Preview 1c90a3c0 3d5e 47f8 9746 20dec7511a10
20 points

Tornado Safety: DOs and DON'Ts

Preview f7f62da8 f3fa 4048 86d5 9c3f06f30107
24 points

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