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Traveling in Tanzania, they have a unique definition of Classic Pizza

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139 points

The description for Friday the 13th part VIII on our TV guide for this week

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121 points

The ultimate cheat code to set your music's equalizer!

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158 points

Emus being jerks

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Should we wake Mom? Let’s consult the chart.

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122 points

They all gonna be like oof

Preview bb44c880 aaf4 48d4 a274 955bc317bc2f
174 points

What if time stopped suddenly for 5 seconds ?

Preview 264adad0 404c 4ebb 9d93 b1e64400d568
210 points

Someone made 50 cent's tweet into a poster

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131 points

This bar’s “dress code”

Preview a076c23f 25be 4540 b1df 708f2b1fffdb
125 points

Nothing worse than slow internet

Preview f00ff493 8764 4785 86db 348866012747
130 points

Custodian not to be fucked with

Preview 7e4f0542 c816 4c12 b0fb 5c20400d6b8d
130 points

Record-breaker is rejected

Preview a7016aeb 46f3 40e4 aec1 48b5442c61fb
131 points

WTF Google?

Preview 0055267b a0a1 497a 94a6 53fafeb58fd6
93 points

Rejected 50 Shades of Grey Script

Preview eefb14c9 9eef 41e4 8539 093f980f1093
106 points

This upgraded pain chart

Preview 7a5a6f16 1947 4568 845e 4a81a7f6b003
105 points

My dyslexic child’s book to help with difficult spellings

Preview be2f7e0d 9271 4b0c 9ed8 6eade2c8beca
97 points

Disrespectful cows. One might say they were being “jerky”...

Preview 23470c45 ff22 498e acb7 a99ccb7d8ce7

That is very expensive Masturbation

Preview f57b82fd 5d1f 4d27 992a 7914e72ebe00

Now hiring!

Preview 9633c332 9dd1 41c2 b3f0 045ed9588b40
76 points

Corporate Flow-Chart

Preview 6182358c c294 47aa b633 c4cd4e2e011e
85 points

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