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The obvious solution

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58 points

404 error

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58 points

Currently Africa by Toto is winning for our graduation song and someone doesn't approve

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124 points

Buying a cat

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1977 Sgt. Rock Comic Has a pretty good point.

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76 points

My daughter's spelling list this week.

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101 points

Posted at my non-American coworker’s desk. We here in the US are a confusing bunch.

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90 points

Stay safe!

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69 points

This teacher’s been a teacher before

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120 points

A confession to a friend.

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117 points

Harry may not be setting a great example...

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121 points

I love messing with Craigslist Scammers. They offer to purchase my items with fake checks, so I have them send me fake checks.

Preview 66f23832 20c9 4dca b188 f05b1ded1fe8
114 points

My Dad asked his accountant brother to help with his taxes...

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116 points

Do not disturb

Preview cd61abe0 b0fc 4315 9a2a 8530e44d6300
90 points

I would say he deserves an A+

Preview 979a86dc 4e51 4974 a798 2a6588f41bb9
102 points

This elevator is out of service.

Preview 8f51c294 e82b 4aa0 aa16 701c38443459
83 points

Funniest receipt - read instructions closely

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80 points

Sounds delicious.

Preview 787c4f62 bbf4 4741 ac8c b800d81207c8
89 points

Fine dining indeed

Preview 12fbb889 79a2 44e8 8c46 122e20ce4bd8
87 points

Just for $4.95

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