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Truly an astonishing scientific breakthrough

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9 points

A menu in a Taiwanese restaurant.

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16 points

How to shrink a head: 10 step recipe

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13 points

These guidelines on what to do after rape or assault is pretty interesting

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16 points

Hobos have a code cabbage

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9 points

This is how it should be

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2 points

So they DO check the signatures.

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2 points

This makes me question my existence

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14 points

Best child's homework ever

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1 points

Peacock tears

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2 points

Housemate put this sign on our door after Amazon repeatedly posted "sorry we missed you" cards whilst we were home.

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4 points

Make your love last

Preview e83020ca 1bac 4fa3 9ef9 51c45938021d
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Every Time...

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2 points

My girlfriend works as a cake decorator at a Baskin Robins. This is today's order she has to make.

Preview acba2709 98a4 4d47 8689 06180045162c
4 points

I found my journal from when I was a teenager in rehab.

Preview 74cd4c31 4a6a 4929 a7d7 7c0bc13e0bef

Austria-Hungary setting an ultimatum to the Kingdom of Serbia (1914, colorized)

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4 points

Aaron better bocome an YouTube Star ... very fast bro!

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165 points

Toilet poetry

Preview 5eb4e16b f2c3 4ba7 be38 7edc0d6a8b8d
156 points

To All That Uses The Toilet,

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