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Sweet, sweet irony

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19 points

Roses are red, I'm a monkey

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17 points

This horse has a long tongue

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My school in Sweden had to mow down all of our bushes beacuse immigrants used them as toilets

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100 points


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21 points

Brazilian giant rooster called Índio Gigante

Preview 50d0de49 ee8a 479e 8eb9 bcbb2d4b716d
12 points

This cow slipped and broke it's own neck while feeding.

Preview bae2d45d 265f 492c 9bd8 859213c85747
18 points

Moving cat beds

Preview f46d693d 3562 4e2a b17f 5abdd9e013f1
13 points

The Black Church of Budir - One of my best photos

Preview f70e7879 69b7 4e83 b97d c4b862cab7a9
22 points

She thought the view was pretty but I thought she was prettier

Preview 88bdf0fd 2aaf 49a1 9792 7844fd131777
23 points

Bird dog, barn cat and ducks. Just Bros. No chaos.

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11 points

Extra Protein

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13 points


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19 points

I can't figure out how to put in the batteries

Preview 0941e011 2926 4ffe a045 e0eeb82418c9
22 points

Rescued this guy from a circus 5 months ago. He is almost 30 and he's going to live his last years of life peacefully.

Preview 8c5bacf2 4dfd 45c6 a3dc d04e8334c5d0
16 points

Happy doggo

Preview b04156d8 7e69 4b2e a2a6 af7a70581245
17 points

Smol and fluffy fren

Preview 66a7afe6 85ea 4feb a991 91fff1dc1c74
18 points

When you can't sleep everything becomes funny

Preview eac958c7 5f67 4173 ab47 cd0b92cae963
14 points

Chicken pooping on another chicken's head.

Preview 142fba49 ce49 4fc9 a146 abe82aecceb2

The love of a mother.

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