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The last selfie

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My heart is melting

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This duck's beak looks like a wolf's face

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11 points

Three Wild Rabbits escape riding floodwaters in New Zealand by clambering a board sheep.

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13 points

The age old question...what came first? The chicken or the

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12 points

This duck's beak looks like a wolf's face

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Lavender Harvest

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65 points

My chickens are gangster. yo.

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13 points

If you're having a bad day.

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51 points

With all the bees dying out there, this was a beautiful sight to see.

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9 points

When a client asks to see the manager but the manager says the same thing as you.

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13 points

Finished with this season rice crop - My Village.

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14 points

Sunset in North Dakota

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16 points

The Amish raising a barn in Hammond, NY in 2017

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Saw this glorious old beast today.

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Maybe she's born w it, maybe it's mane-baline

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Life. Welcome to it. Not much better than the alternative.

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