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Happy cow and rainbow.

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7 points

Existence is pain!

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21 points

Now l know where cappuccinos come from.

Preview ae64841a bebe 4d73 8cd8 344e015b4d09
19 points


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21 points

High Protein Hay Bale

Preview 3499b093 ecf1 47d4 b38b 5be2d9b01565
15 points

Hello! Nice to meet you, I am Carrot

Preview a039176a 7796 4a81 9d7d 68ae6f66e38f
83 points

Not mine

Preview 2956ed36 e235 4d8a ac60 0cab38e50e7a
22 points

Life finds a way

Preview 92ad9111 c38e 48d7 a4de d07171843b56
69 points

Lovely ponytail.

Preview fb0e88f0 f120 4e8b b01a b592776ea0f0
19 points

Goat on Tortoise

Preview d5b2bc85 6c8f 4be2 8a88 df31b2e5ffe3

A Wheat Field Up Against A Lavender Field.

Preview 5e6ba44a 4f97 4088 9e52 543c0816094f
24 points

Boundary Between Scottsdale, Arizona & Salt River Indian Reservation

Preview 2742d651 8cb8 47ea 95ee b096edf743c6
79 points

Have you ever seen a more satanic looking animal?

Preview 18fe8c34 311d 4ca8 a84d 43cfaec7e3fe
24 points

"I thought I heard something in the bailor"

Preview 90abda2e 38bb 41d2 8b19 e1692db77985
82 points

So that’s how it’s done!

Preview 01c9ad24 a185 4740 8f59 11a88726a861
66 points

Almost a year ago I found this beauty and asked you guys what to name him. U told me to name him bones. so here is bones 9 months later

Preview badecef6 2c55 48fe 8a50 1ba4c6efc9ca
62 points


Preview 802921d9 48d0 4383 b779 0212412d7507
22 points

Where is autocorrect when you need it

Preview a7638b88 2951 491d af7a bb42d65abec3
20 points

Where the wheat field ends and the lavender begins

Preview 0ff5364d 12b5 481e bc48 6b5f853646ec
17 points

My stallion of a father

Preview d46813e8 7aa1 47d2 b7db f96adcc8bedb
17 points

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