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A cat! Is that a cat! It’s definitely a cat.. annnnd he’s gone.

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Floating horse!

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137 points

Gandalf The Pug

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122 points

My cousins met American Pharoh at the stud farm...

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159 points

I’m all ears

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Horse photobombing another horse

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y = -x^3

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123 points

Found this, Donkey is just trying to prevent sewer work it seems!

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Swol cow

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116 points

Scaredy-cat stalks scaredy-pug

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This chair seems like a baaaaaad choice

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131 points

How Unicorns are made

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120 points


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116 points

Those eyes

Preview 0e376c2a a155 4268 b27d d4d09ef31e8e
149 points

My friend just sent me this.

Preview 6aa58111 1e71 4320 a721 2c9b23e1d159
116 points

Well I thought it was funny!

Preview 22f60c5e 114e 4f65 83ce c270dcc3dc96

Took my puppy to my childhood farm to meet some moos. Didn’t go quite as planned!

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My cousin got ankle surgery and her cats have now claimed her walker.

Preview dfa7e14f 0341 4749 ad81 36c645200812

Fatness lol

Preview 42941569 a3d9 47fb a6d9 ca11ade257fd
117 points

Typical Greg!

Preview 7a561a39 5dbd 4f73 baeb e71cd57fd681
128 points

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