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Getting right back in the saddle

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" every drunk girl pic on facebook "

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65 points

Who has the balls??

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70 points

What a nice gift

Preview 52762cb6 ee36 4b7a a258 47846f6f4657
59 points

A Horse within a Horse.

Preview a9303748 4141 4080 87f4 2a18932bb028

The most redneck wedding in southern history.

Preview 5542b1fc 8d78 413c b065 1e8467861397
83 points

A tired cow

Preview 1f4d5b78 26b6 4504 be73 ea8e702628bc
70 points

Backup Camera Prank I'd like to put on a few peoples cars!

Preview 4cc5e1f8 a085 4a0f 9dab 1b42555f9217
125 points

Thor, my pet bull

Preview cb019cbe cf02 48a8 8adb 8a8a1b3a8343
73 points

Horse and Cat Best Friends

Preview 50f73ff4 5d1c 450d 93b7 8a0f8d777a7f

This isn't your usual game of soccer...this is EXTREME SOCCER!

Preview aee871fb 47ea 4545 bd6f cfd27fd28e73
24 points

Dual head horse

Preview c549eed5 625f 4c0f b7a0 33fd51aab119

You can never be confused as this chicken

Preview bc88d25e bee8 404c 891c f448855306a2
42 points

Christian Bale

Preview eba53784 a928 47f4 a3d6 6f122838a572
24 points

This giant mutant sweet-potato that my mom and grandma grew.

Preview 8ff04ce5 bec4 4fd3 b332 680addb7a22d
18 points

Mama cow picked a rather rude place to relieve herself.

Preview 04b29dda ba39 4eae bc2a 79004a25d498

Attempted squirrel mugging

Preview 623b5ed1 fcb3 4100 ab16 14867435377c

Well, well...hello there

Preview 739e03c3 6e90 4ede 9552 ca7f7d560ae0
22 points

Pancho the flying Beagle puppy

Preview 2edb4b58 94df 45fb 9c23 137ec2203e07

Gold and purple

Preview 79b3f7bb 416a 4abd 91da 7ef4023034ed
14 points

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