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My brothers girlfriend got a great picture of him stretching his forearms and doing something with his face. Would be a real shame if it made its way around the internet.

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Monday Lisa lol

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The problem with skin coloured clothing.

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lol I was horrible helping in group projects

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Old roommate punched a hole in the door. New roommate fixed it

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Nearly had a heart attack at Walmart..

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Apparently, a selfie was too much to ask for.

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This is the most likely scenario

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Real men only do it in one trip.

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Me: *saves the game* My brain:

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But shit, it was 99¢

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A whip made from a spine.

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Ton's o' Titties Gettin' Stormy

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Haute Couturepuss.

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Can someone translate this?

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She totally busted me trying to take a candid at a Renaissance Faire

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Parents make mistakes too.

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Too true

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