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Meanwhile in a parallel universe...

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74 points

Lazy slouchy model

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82 points

You know what they say, whatever totes your scrote

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78 points

Currently renovating our floors. Seems everyone has come out of hiding.

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76 points

A Very Metal Christmas

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58 points

Kohls is selling the Marty Mcfly starter kit.

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52 points

Suicide Squad - Extended Cut

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91 points

Look ma no hands!

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When yo girl get mad and gets ready to key your car

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71 points

How nice of... wait

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How I showed up at work today for the ugly sweater contest

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This is a sticker for a Boosted Board that I got for my son for Christmas. He opened it upside down and said “hey cool, a koala with a turban!”

Preview e5803eab 6352 4ef5 a3f1 979e9552d4d8
19 points

Before and after surgical leg lengthening

Preview aebfd1bf df64 4e66 ba39 c3bc7e94f11c
53 points

She's hot!

Preview 25e1411c ffb3 44ec a414 c0d87424ecac
41 points

Hooray I'm useful! I'm having a wonderful time.

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54 points

Booby Honking

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17 points

Is shea freaking vampire

Preview 3106d755 f8ff 490b bc4c 239294fe6138

ICarly growns up.

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51 points

Sponsored by the International Plumbing Association.

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