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Buying online clothes I found the review picture on the right.

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226 points

meanan sexy funny picture 100+ album

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200 points

My perfect outfit

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175 points

Royals huffing ether

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185 points

My green pants looking they just smoked some green

Preview 8e5d61d5 1714 4a80 a092 4f7f22a5653e
171 points

Y'all stressin for nothin

Preview 46b40c89 417a 4ba9 acdd 20cf8decacbd
209 points

Who wore it better?

Preview eecd84eb 1c4d 42e6 bbb3 3a569809884a
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1,079 points

Best money spent!

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My brothers girlfriend got a great picture of him stretching his forearms and doing something with his face. Would be a real shame if it made its way around the internet.

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1,760 points

Monday Lisa lol

Preview a25da9fa be2e 4426 bc94 eb6bf175a6df
152 points

The problem with skin coloured clothing.

Preview 1482f89f f6c5 4b7f b99f be26de11ab33
129 points

lol I was horrible helping in group projects

Preview 4800d064 6879 439a b7e2 aea9797b8c6a
193 points

Old roommate punched a hole in the door. New roommate fixed it

Preview 2ff07b4f e72f 473f 980d 34fc143aecd9
93 points

Nearly had a heart attack at Walmart..

Preview f18acb08 e183 4fda 9d44 6415656e6067
99 points

Apparently, a selfie was too much to ask for.

Preview 5627b327 8465 486f b2ca d5fc5f8b37ed


Preview 9fff591a 1216 40ea bf5a 3193ff31d5f8
179 points

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