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Step on a crack...

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95 points

They got in? HOW?!

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258 points

You can just buy these signs from Amazon and place them anywhere you want

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154 points

I'm pretty sure this is how you die in a fire

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142 points

New updates

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136 points

Sick rock climbing shot

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The light switch in my shed wasn’t working so I opened the cover

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91 points

Home in Wisconsin Rapids purchased with 780lbs of Bud Light cans inside. Dilly Dilly!

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131 points

Kiwi egg size in relation to its body

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110 points

I think my 6 year old tortured her doll and left it for dead...

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106 points

My roommate and I hosted a couple of people as a favor for a friend of mine. Now that they've moved out, we're finding Easter eggs.

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156 points

Horrible truth about Peppa pig.

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118 points

My neighbors chicken wants to kill me

Preview db9114b5 bef0 4474 abc7 93d3804237d2
90 points

Mission Impossible Mouse

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74 points

My 7 year old son's brilliant way to never lose the only key he has for this lock

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104 points

Don’t look down, they say

Preview 62fa03ea 6d20 4d84 97e0 4224430138b6

When you park like an asshole.

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85 points

I'm ready!

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