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I bathed my cat yesterday. Now she lives in constant fear.

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God really didn't want you to check your weight this morning.

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Take some time to reflect on this kind of behaviour

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Sticking A Camera Under A Faucet Feels Like Hurtling Down A Hypnotic Water Tunnel

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Spacious bathroom, located in Palma de Mallorca, Spain

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Went to England, decided to fix the problem myself

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It's a trap!

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Emily Ratajkowski

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Me beautiful

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Modern simplistic kitchen in Stockholm, Sweden

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Bathroom with a view, London

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USA what the f*** is this. And who fits in this?

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Why do people do this?

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Cracov airport has two persons stalls for mutual pooping time

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Shower babe

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Well engineered... NOT

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Constructors doing... not their job

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