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I accidentally caught a drop of water bouncing up after a small splash by this reddish egret

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Shitty bird

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This eagle

Preview 039bedfd b65e 4b0a a21d 4f2b3f322ed0

I know why the caged bird sings

Preview 6bc34e40 e2c7 438f 98ca f545807461d1
18 points

This picture

Preview fa94ddc1 47b9 460c b9e9 df36d75990a8

This fish is mine!

Preview cd9f35f0 94a0 4f1a bfc7 105520c138a8

Bald Eagle

Preview e3f25aff 7ccd 4a0c bfd0 5eb2879774a9

Perfect timing

Preview 62266f03 eb87 4ba2 af0a cf56bf984a9c

Mandarin duck

Preview 1ada88d2 d3bb 4ddb b341 8bf484055bd2
22 points

I think I just interrupted my birds talking shit about me.

Preview bd19337e 30a5 40f8 9c4e c4b6b7da012c

This chicken hates you

Preview 984c2127 25ce 4f91 bfc4 340b7579f07f

A majestic thief

Preview 1a2b6ed6 575a 4668 8c0e be681ba55b00

The Crown Prince of Dubai and his eagle

Preview b032adf9 b234 4fc0 81fc 60674108ddd2

Weird lookin duck

Preview e994ed6a 697a 46b4 8eed 62213f49b6ef
19 points

The Philippine Eagle

Preview 77256515 ce4f 4944 a416 941343e4839c
17 points

Quak Quak

Preview 42ffbcef 79f3 4505 88d8 79fea1f3bc9b
24 points

This hungry Cardinal photobombed me...

Preview a2d14d1b 10f8 4328 91bd 648d77a5f9af

This bracelet is mine now

Preview e94e0286 9dd4 49e8 92b9 903c37e798ac

I found a pigeon that looks like bald eagle.

Preview bc0d778f 7e07 49b8 8c34 d42213ea78d9
15 points


Preview b570e1c3 21a1 422c 9844 a342702634d0

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