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The 3 types of roosters

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4 points

This hawk didn't fly away at all when I walked up to it.

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8 points

Mutant bird with six legs and feet

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16 points

Mandarin duck

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12 points

Gtfo Karen, I don't have time for your itty bitty sunshine love

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14 points

Dive bomb triple kill

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18 points


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16 points

When he wants sum fuk but she said no.

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11 points

Osprey a moment away from lunch

Preview 27e4c627 fae8 4dd1 9b4b e3deed34a8e0

Bird lady

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6 points

Chicken pooping on another chicken's head.

Preview 142fba49 ce49 4fc9 a146 abe82aecceb2

The Philippine Eagle

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4 points

Cheer up ice birb !

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23 points

The 3 types of Roosters

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24 points


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3 points

Sarcoramphus papa

Preview 404d116f fd92 4ee2 bdd7 f1efaf98205a
7 points

Best disguise

Preview a4305368 559a 40c1 a887 3f59592e0426
13 points

Found this beautiful macaw at my local zoo, beautiful colours and extremely friendly.

Preview 2faa2fb6 305a 4f2e 8058 a8a02177fd36
8 points

This is fine... (I waited long enough, its my turn now!)

Preview 2844e06b 573a 4a5f 9c64 c67f6b5352db
12 points

My chickens are gangster. yo.

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