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He could save others but not himself

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9 points

I hope we’re going to birb land

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12 points

My fishes

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15 points

Stock eating fish

Preview 4e8ef8fa 2e8a 467c bff0 a2847a80caef

Well done Mom.. you just saved 7$..

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73 points


Preview c98c9927 46e3 4e01 8ac5 3bb748f5bdc0
18 points

When you ask your mom to wake you up early

Preview 9d64efa0 737a 4ba5 baf8 cb077ee34400
19 points

After seeing the curly haired horse I looked up other curly animals and found this pigeon...

Preview b3777dc2 fa7c 4a57 a33a d84375c227af
16 points

Scumbag parrot

Preview e0765e5d 04ce 4d79 a36d 3fd47d347724

Has science gone too far?

Preview 55fb9867 7663 4d90 85c6 63061f006f0d
66 points

Come at me bro

Preview fa44d465 fe55 4769 8e6b c0c075fe6cc7
18 points

You all do it!

Preview 4910e313 c08e 443b 9a2d 73b095624a76
83 points

Papa & mama stood still to give the children shadow.

Preview 46ea3f26 d905 42dc ac3d 550b3caf5db8
19 points

When a girl needs help

Preview 1039dc18 efd5 43ad bcd2 91ec11be8db7
24 points

Bird lady

Preview 31a82f46 1cc7 4ecc 8adc 6da8fe2991f9

Le fish: "get me baaack where you gooot mee"

Preview 69f90754 764e 431d a5f3 d78f9f6fc2ab
23 points

Look twice

Preview 88aac777 acad 4a95 a723 fb15a819781b
78 points

Get Off

Preview c00b38da cb8f 4666 81be ac226028c023

If you are having a bad day, say hello to the owl of hearts

Preview 1e07d1ca 0100 4a2a 978e 10ef1c7bc015
18 points

Brazilian giant rooster called Índio Gigante

Preview 50d0de49 ee8a 479e 8eb9 bcbb2d4b716d
12 points

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