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The inside of this pelican's mouth and his penis looking epiglottis or whatever??

Preview fa84e058 5bd1 4054 b0cc 507a6b765c7f
79 points

Steller's Sea Eagle eating on the go

Preview 4fe60f96 ac34 4709 bfc7 fd971a0612c1

Hold on one sec while I...

Preview 29ff7329 78ec 4522 be95 17fd2b61f5c2

Fancy Fowl

Preview b991af6b b011 4270 8194 7ff66dddc3c2
95 points

Bird Rescued Snow Shoes to help her Walk again.

Preview 085ba160 6e65 453a b7fb 65c3fc9c5784
91 points

Bad joke eel

Preview 8e4fa173 819e 4611 abf2 39dc4498ab5d
88 points

How beautiful!

Preview 2c1fe80f 8fc2 4472 98dd e303a82da563

Interacting with ducks: Rule 1

Preview e5bc6988 4e2c 450e 98ae e9c6f874858c
73 points


Preview 507011b8 e02e 4e38 99f5 d5daaf57840c
82 points

American Bald Eagle changing path mid-flight after seeing a new target

Preview c482f32f f7c0 4fa6 9f96 405fb7c69813

I accidentally caught a drop of water bouncing up after a small splash by this reddish egret

Preview 1ac82eb1 3126 42ea a5d0 1cc44a55ee17

Shitty bird

Preview 1235096f 424e 46a7 b248 25a055736460

This eagle

Preview 039bedfd b65e 4b0a a21d 4f2b3f322ed0

I know why the caged bird sings

Preview 6bc34e40 e2c7 438f 98ca f545807461d1
23 points

This picture

Preview fa94ddc1 47b9 460c b9e9 df36d75990a8

This fish is mine!

Preview cd9f35f0 94a0 4f1a bfc7 105520c138a8

Bald Eagle

Preview e3f25aff 7ccd 4a0c bfd0 5eb2879774a9

Perfect timing

Preview 62266f03 eb87 4ba2 af0a cf56bf984a9c

Mandarin duck

Preview 1ada88d2 d3bb 4ddb b341 8bf484055bd2
39 points

I think I just interrupted my birds talking shit about me.

Preview bd19337e 30a5 40f8 9c4e c4b6b7da012c

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