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He was pissed my other cat was coming by him

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Cats wearing hats made from their own hair

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85 points

This rude young boy sitting on my biology papers

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Haven't you ever heard of knocking??

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59 points

they still ask me why I named him Lucifer

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I see your stretching greyhound jerk and raise you a stretching fluffy jerk

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Someone moved from the couch.

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51 points

I feel your pain

Preview 7ea35f3c 93ee 4393 8e1e 9fd8f373c9bb
24 points

The Adventures of Bat Cat and Beard Boy

Preview c02e9cf2 4011 4d4f 9ad8 fc58f410b375
14 points

Simba is startled.

Preview cf9d145d 93f8 4861 a82d 06f90c0adba4
13 points

Perfect circle

Preview 6615f085 8c54 4195 9d76 912a0b27f956
17 points

Poor kitty

Preview 425541dd dada 4c80 8c52 a1f90fc7f28c
16 points

His food dish isn’t full enough for his taste so he’s been staring me down the past 10 mins

Preview 3de2204d f3f9 4366 a23b 9582bcf5b7b1

My cats face mid yawn frightens me more than it should

Preview 44b909ed 7683 47b5 996e ab2729546042

That feeling 😄

Preview 355ee04d db82 4bc8 acf9 f6d04e9f5fde
14 points

Betcha cat lick your nose

Preview 309ef28b 7537 4273 b3e0 29ac13025658

Leave him be!

Preview 1c301222 6e50 463d b664 48c9fdba0ec6
19 points

Destroyer of worlds.

Preview 8534a1f7 bf55 4210 9301 5d4c35767c5a
15 points

Sorry for thinking you're cute

Preview 493a6b3d eec3 401c a988 795fb1fb69a2
19 points

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