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Please slow down, we've already lost too much

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17 points

Another boring day at the zoo

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12 points

Sometimes, you are not as scary as you were described

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19 points

This is hilarious!

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72 points

A seagull caught in a Macy's bag fell from the sky and was hanged as the bag became snagged on a barbed wire fence

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4 points

Mm... what kind of dog is that?

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4 points

Some photos from Russia

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Can someone guess it?

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20 points

This one keeps attacking me through the hammock while I'm just trying to chill.

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Beware of dog

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12 points

How did the horse do this?

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2 points

Meanwhile in Australia

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3 points

The reason I love Simpsons

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5 points

New zoo for animals

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7 points

When you want to strike fear into those who would try to ravage your garden.

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6 points

Meanwhile in Ireland...

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5 points

Digger dogger

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186 points

Looks like I will be busy tomorrow.

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168 points

How I look when someone tries to drag me out of bed

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122 points

I've found the weakest link!

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205 points

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