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These fish don't seem pleased by their relocation caused by Hurricane Sandy.

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84 points

My neighbors just added Santa hats to their Halloween decorations.

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15 points

At my nephew's football game and this sign at the field cracked me up

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66 points

I don't stand drama

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63 points

Attempted squirrel mugging

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It's worth the risk to jump this guys fence just to see if he actually has super fast attack sheep

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24 points

Salt and Pepper under a microscope looks like tree bark and marshmallows

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12 points

Took a picture at Epcot and two birds appeared in my photo at the same time, one was mid flap so it’s wings were at its side

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How condoms work

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22 points

Portland, OR tow trailer

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23 points

The Tacoma Narrows Bridge is inspected after it collapsed in November, 1940

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So that’s where they grow them..

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21 points

One of the most peaceful photos I've taken

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21 points

Life finds a way

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71 points

Long distance relationship

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49 points

I have some questions now

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66 points

It wasn’t me

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Just let him be man

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20 points

That's a lotta tree frogs..

Preview 0fd0fbba 7629 47b0 a38d 0563f7610ce0
20 points

Saw this a few years ago on a hike

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