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This large root system I found growing in an unknown french drain at my house. My son said it looked like a big turd. Banana and small child for scale.

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68 points

I bought a house that was supposedly vacant for a year, but by the looks of the sleeping bag and Taco Bell packets in the backyard apparently not...

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56 points

Guns and Roses have sure toned it down..

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Too true

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After all of these years, I finally found it.

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95 points

Sign at a dog park

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85 points

Aerial shot of Sunday's Amtrak crash

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80 points

The most Toronto photo

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79 points

Apparently there have been calls about "dead" horses...

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"Lobster" trap- Cressona, PA

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My GF almost losing it on a street-side swing in Italy. Her head was millimetres from the ground on the way back down!

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Damn it!!

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Car drove this through brick fence, neighbor put this out

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Do I have your attention now? More peanuts, please.

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This why I always go mini golfing for 1st dates..

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89 points

I don’t even know what to say.

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87 points

These fish don't seem pleased by their relocation caused by Hurricane Sandy.

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99 points

My neighbors just added Santa hats to their Halloween decorations.

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