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Got to serve Bill and Brian Doyle Murray tonight at my restaurant (Q39 in Overland Park, KS)!

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15 points

Bus or Boat? After two days rain, Dhaka, Capital of Bangladesh.

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17 points

Good times were had by most at the pumpkin party

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24 points

Like a Boss

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14 points

So my buddy posted a sign outside his restaurant at lunch and by dinner, this happened...

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61 points

Japan's Summer Fireworks Hanabi Taikai

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13 points

Somebody once told me...

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67 points

One time at band camp

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80 points

The 12 stages of fear ranging from blissful ignorance to abject terror as illustrated by my son's first ride on a rollercoaster

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20 points

Remember that cat struggling to shit next to a toilet? This is him now. Feel weak yet?

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24 points

This musical impact is about to be big

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This furry critter has a massive rainbow... tail?

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16 points

Lightning hitting right when the camera was processing the picture.

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You gotta love 'em

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94 points

Years of hard work went into this costume

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20 points

Not sure if this has already been posted but...

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86 points

My Panoramic didn't go to plan for this guy...

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108 points

Avril Lavigne jogging

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20 points


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21 points

Avril Lasagne

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