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Kid at farmers market giving the people what they really need

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9 points

Dodging the draft

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14 points

The perfect girl doesn't exs...

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14 points

This caveman? and his rainbow girlfriend were my visual entertainment at a festival

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9 points

BBK is the best

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12 points

Auditions for a new Wonder Woman are clearly not going as hoped.

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15 points

When you're still not hard enough

Preview 5f83ac07 e880 43c5 bf07 e122db7799b6
12 points

What a heart attack feels like

Preview cff93916 dfbc 4e44 bece ac83fb18df84

My friend is collecting lego for a long time. And these are just a little part of his collection.

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72 points

Taco Belle

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6 points

"Melting" Art Sculpture

Preview ce70e8c4 941e 460b 9d99 1386b5826bae
13 points

Face swap

Preview 6bbc2765 924d 422e 9970 70285466dda1
11 points

Taco Belle

Preview a4cf2e0a 05a6 4a37 9758 1d22f8836408
8 points

The real Queen

Preview 8bb0639f 55df 4e5f 91d5 c1cfa5ccddfb
42 points

Spot the Easter Egg.

Preview e6260859 8f26 4886 9f71 49010f1e2ffa
13 points

It’s okay to put your phone down and enjoy the life.

Preview 67706106 5619 430e 8ae7 708a60e8eb4e
9 points

Found this and thought you might like it. Lul.

Preview 8d55925e 95b8 4d1b 94e1 349391bc2283
90 points

"Get me that optical illusion?" "Say no more fam!"

Preview f5b2e67c e805 4833 9a40 7e412b6696ee
10 points

Dog takes tent by force and taunts ‘owners.’

Preview d9ce51b1 461e 4da5 882a f391b7d972a5

Cosplay from sdcc2017

Preview e8143080 1fd4 48f2 9670 b0788b228804

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