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Modern Titanic Relaunch

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115 points

Mother Nature vs fireworks

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116 points

So pedo bear stopped by let’s make a deal this morning

Preview 9ef5d119 e7d5 4e7d ba46 b8b388d85271
132 points

Sir Patrick Stewart

Preview 135ab4d8 2294 4aca a7f3 51ad6b0e23de
159 points

Now that Oregonians have to pump their own gas...

Preview 3415ed57 8b03 4857 a4d7 7aa18497757a
130 points

Fireworks during a thunderstorm

Preview 0b3c76a2 3f98 419a 86a9 580dfb8957e3
111 points

Man shooting clouds

Preview 74dc6b14 d96a 485f b267 fd645fb126e9
124 points

Caption Me!

Preview 8bedda61 af56 48cd 8d9b 9bb94912f25e

Firework in mid explosion during New Year's Eve

Preview 330ff2f4 6577 41f1 95ae 21f5c39da954

Dark asylum

Preview ec2a5714 a77f 4233 98b6 cc84fadc4f20
63 points

Santas Fourth Helper Clocking Out Early

Preview d2fe876a 1d50 46aa 86fd 6ba2f9fd9b3d

The shadow of Thor's hammer made it look like Stan Lee peed himself.

Preview c8702f97 15ef 4d5e bf82 21042ca7402d
147 points

New Year firework explodes exactly halfway through photo capture.

Preview 5ed8ed7e b8de 4ee1 8cbe e2461b447ace

Filling up my gas tank, when all of a sudden...

Preview 697b639a 44e5 4bc7 807b 2b696bbcf9d8
103 points

I don't watch many westerns, but this movie series got pretty dark

Preview 9112831c aa12 4446 b822 2a4b4e6503db
92 points

Someone flicked their cigarette while I was taking a picture of my friends last summer

Preview e84ee61b acbb 43e8 b22e f5e9380749c0
126 points

Santa and his sexy reindeer

Preview 250eae48 f203 4ab8 9871 365fc92beec3
59 points

FaceTiming your bestie and he shows up like this

Preview 8ed2dd8f 8f2e 4e48 809c 31cc8ad29e99

How high are you? Me:

Preview 09f8d277 ad07 4ccc 9ca9 7adb50fa0aec
81 points

Just your standard Tokyo business meeting

Preview ba2a8446 0c17 40ea acfb 7de5ef62b062
148 points

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