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Gandalf the gay

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10 points

I think lisa is not 8 years old anymore

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9 points

Absolutely Majestic

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12 points

Flag vs. Fire

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19 points

Our ambulance came too fast!

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9 points

My College's Idea of How To Prevent Sexual Assault

Preview d65ff471 505c 4626 891c 45d159894f40
14 points

The Swedish king doing the rocket at Jamboree17 in Sweden

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8 points

A Human Is Hitted By The Bull.

Preview d41cbd5a 3b45 42b1 80f9 335fa2f9ed1f

Never change Montreal

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151 points

Dude, for real ?

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13 points

What did he say?

Preview 1c1c2f10 ea33 4a35 9b7b 53ef07aabc7d
4 points

Visual Effects have come a long way

Preview 4961c5cd 3928 40e4 bc09 13ed2cf60acd
1 points

Kid at farmers market giving the people what they really need

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10 points

Dodging the draft

Preview 7ab4559e 6e1f 4ae6 94ff 3c71983a74a4
16 points

The perfect girl doesn't exs...

Preview 4f22d4ee d060 4c51 a292 59368121d36c
15 points

This caveman? and his rainbow girlfriend were my visual entertainment at a festival

Preview 4e81ef05 3464 4b45 b82b 76e9a697f8dc
11 points

BBK is the best

Preview 827c48e6 3ecb 46ec ab60 b48f02f4f077
14 points

Auditions for a new Wonder Woman are clearly not going as hoped.

Preview 1976cf55 66d1 4b38 9251 a1ae1363dc98
17 points

Leonardo DiCaprio is approaching his final look

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3 points

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