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A real jerk

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Fuck golfers

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I feel like too much effort went into taking this picture

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67 points


Preview 329f6629 a6f8 43b7 a4b7 25aa58512c49
79 points

The real reason the Kardashians plague our planet

Preview 0212ba42 5266 4ce7 8324 55fab625e8f3
72 points

Just seconds before my son wrecked this kids face

Preview d08506cb 6582 4205 ba14 b92b107145da

Six Cows Killed by a Single Lightning Strike

Preview bf4d6d97 509c 439c a9cf cd8257e5d3b5
88 points

Perfect header, such a skilled defender!

Preview 9af52ec6 e82f 4716 9926 644be7154d5c

A tired cow

Preview e9896173 8184 46a7 abd6 f2ba437bec5a
74 points

Big shadow

Preview c507bb0e 5b6f 4324 b56a fa3dc4229a8e

This sign

Preview 68ff5c41 bcc5 4d1a b6d1 4e7d6f111238
89 points

Apparently there have been calls about "dead" horses...

Preview 45e37f63 b19c 490a 9f26 8a5f8cd1fc2c
84 points

this can’t end well

Preview 14a9520f c2dd 4fef a5ff 45910e527c91

Funny Soccer Kick

Preview 01f0c62c 0d36 4ea5 adc1 985b602b43f4
94 points

Waiting for one dark comment. GO!

Preview 592c23a2 be57 45a4 a008 271cc15ca60a
104 points

A Horse within a Horse.

Preview a9303748 4141 4080 87f4 2a18932bb028

A tired cow

Preview 1f4d5b78 26b6 4504 be73 ea8e702628bc
80 points

Backup Camera Prank I'd like to put on a few peoples cars!

Preview 4cc5e1f8 a085 4a0f 9dab 1b42555f9217
148 points

My dog giving his thoughts on ending a walk

Preview 3ec7726e 92ba 4247 8b0d 345702a483f4

This isn't your usual game of soccer...this is EXTREME SOCCER!

Preview aee871fb 47ea 4545 bd6f cfd27fd28e73
72 points

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