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Played with my vape between shoots today and the photographer snapped it just as the smoke turned in to a heart// IG @kenstarfighter

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Another X-RAY, here is one of my knee

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This cat 😼

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What The Fork?!

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Bent my knee wrong years ago and chipped off a piece of bone that continued to receive nutrients and grew on its own.

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She swallowed this AA battery during a drunken wager.

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Brain separated from spine

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X-ray of a smuggler

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How Much Is That Doggy?



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Patient came in with an entire water bottle up his anal cavity

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They miss every time

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Allergic prank on my best friend!

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2 to 4 years

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iPhone X...

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"This Stereoscope" Scary Short Horror Film Will Give You Multiple Shocks (Disturbing Graphics)

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I vape in public and act like a retard

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'Jigsaw' aka 'Saw 8', Unleashes Gory First Trailer For Halloween


Alicia Vikander's First 'Tomb Raider' Trailer Is Commented To Be A Bit Generic


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