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Was taking a photo of my peanut butter and caught my toast mid-pop

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Life will find a way?

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81 points

When your car gets stolen so your mate comes around with gifts to make you feel better.

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133 points

I accidentally made a butthole cake.

Preview 87fa876f c592 4a67 bac0 aac8edba4d1c
69 points

Petri dish results: 3 minutes in a hand dryer

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140 points

Parents asked me to house sit for them while they're out of town, I sent them this today.

Preview 1b0891ca 40c7 4539 a065 05327a30d465
117 points

A public vaseline jar

Preview 5cfdfd47 1e51 4da3 8704 6cd14e26d2d8
97 points

"That's gotta be at least 12"

Preview d80084a4 f524 49b4 b1a2 874db5b73f53
127 points

And to think my father said I would never amount to anything.

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108 points

I chew, I chew, I a million times chew.

Preview 1fd3303a a89c 47bd a7a7 360b2fa30839
165 points

The loudest thing ever created by man

Preview 58c23b63 c11f 4a38 a42d 10f200dc00e1
103 points

Punishment for wearing those shoes

Preview 71e70334 2ff5 4453 a167 229fca718575
108 points

Hopefully my morning coffee isnt a sign of things to come.

Preview 940c6898 3232 4db0 ab24 e6a1e324b0d4
50 points

Smoking is good for the environment because it kills humans

Preview e6bd642f e621 4c91 bc07 1303e68bd0bf
87 points

This water reached hot anyway

Preview fad6fb28 b92b 4da6 b91c e1c45c6b38f1
204 points
Preview 6d6e4e4a 224c 429b 9da7 c19693493a44
175 points

Babushka knows how to cut onions

Preview 4005ec3b 4534 4dfb 8fbe f37c6856ede4
145 points

I think its funny

Preview c358b0aa 9006 41f5 9feb 26203508eabf
126 points

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