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In turkish money (TL) , Atatürk turns his face towards to you when you have more money :D

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6 points

Watch out! Art is highly addictive

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14 points

I'm from Cumming, GA. This is a T-shirt from my favorite pizza place

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9 points

When you scratch one box and win $500

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Finnish Ham

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8 points

Kid's take on tornado safety

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75 points

This Smart Dog Rides The Bus All By Herself To Go To The Park EVERY DAY And Wins Heart Of Everybody!

248 points

To the guy with the 351 year old coin. Here are my coins from the chocolate age.

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5 points

Umm nice spiciness scale.

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Just came back from my honeymoon in the Dominican Republic and they didn't have Plan-B. They had something way better.

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3 points

Had a patient check into the ER with some interesting symptoms. Briefly considered grabbing armfuls of antibiotics and making a run for it.

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6 points

Squirrel Visits Ice Cream Shop For Mini Ice Cream Cones Is So Cute!

235 points

Finally I found it!

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140 points

The correct way to request nudes

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180 points

My Wife's Shampoo vs. Mine

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155 points

You deserve it.

Preview 84efd5dd 4a5d 444d 9e7b 25bdeea283df
139 points

Bill Gates has nothing on this guy..

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133 points

This shit ain't for beginners

Preview 392a0aa4 0a78 4cd5 a750 bf49c2139b37
76 points

Doctor Franco's kit ....wait what?

Preview 30adb733 b771 47c5 98d3 f1f8a4724b50
128 points

Trust me I an architect

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