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I just wanted to enjoy my candy.

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Borrowed money from 20 people. I've been getting messages and calls from them for 2 weeks now.

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Lord Ganesha is one of the Indian God.

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My mate found this in an elevator on a construction site

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two dads

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We all

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Cops these days

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Climbing the Trump Building Spire Above NYC


I'll never be too old for this to not be hilarious. My girlfriend was not amused.

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A patient admitted to the hospital I work at with respiratory distress coughed this up. Lung butter.

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21 points

My mum tried to tell me Birds weren't animals this is what the internet said

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Awesome Business Card

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US Navy grandfather left us a sack of coins from his travels. He was in the Navy during WW2 and served for 30 plus years.

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In turkish money (TL) , Atatürk turns his face towards to you when you have more money :D

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Would you know?

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Kid's take on tornado safety

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To the guy with the 351 year old coin. Here are my coins from the chocolate age.

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85 points

The correct way to request nudes

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Adobe illustrator settings WTF?

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