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After hearing my mom and aunt fight over the cheesy potatoes..

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65 points

YES, Right!

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75 points

This is halfway between "wtf were you thinking?" and "that's actually amazing"

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93 points

Sure you can!

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Best office quotes...go!

Preview ab4172b4 f9ba 4659 88c8 5b234ea45131

Just No

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43 points

I really should stop being such a cocky drunk

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65 points

Radcliffe came to aid of muggling victim ......

Preview f2838a58 1ed6 42ce adec edf8c26decf2
80 points

Some golden words

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63 points

Saw your Elon Musk, and raise you a Seth MacFarlane transformation.

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76 points

I don't believe you. *walks away*

Preview efb44e7f d821 4f50 9132 596378b0da4d


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11 points

Hmmmm, who are you?

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75 points

You are not ugly just poor .

Preview bcbc95b0 bbaa 40cb bbf2 f87555afe09f
16 points

Later he said

Preview bb68f3cf 3b83 4fcb bf89 bd6604c5f0d1
10 points

Still seems yummy to me! #allmenarebeautiful

Preview 4a110f10 c775 4854 b9aa 2203b86588c9
62 points

Look at his nipple

Preview 8ba0e68d f54b 473c 982e f2917c758f4e
91 points


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12 points

Rakesh Goes Cabbage again

Preview a84190b7 9459 454a 9096 f12a6a09e95d
24 points

Australian firefighters pose with puppies, koalas and a LOT of bare chests for 2018 calendar

Preview 28515f64 5c0e 4d1d 808f 22e3e741ff10
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