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Fish n' chips mate

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Mom's spaghetti

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12 points

Both the most awesome and the worst tattoo

Preview 2070a7bd 006d 4d7e a446 e764d5c3f821
54 points

Hat again

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14 points

Ironically.....he made a dick move.

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February on the left, this morning on the right. 61 lbs down. 39 to go. Deadline is Halloween.

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2 points

New PETA ad looks like two guys had a threesome with a chicken and she completely blew their minds.

Preview 98428ea4 cd69 409d a0da 649a664cfc42
2 points

All bearded men and women unite

Preview a4e59244 a3ad 4d25 bf90 78981977d418
128 points

Seems like something I would do

Preview 6a63f2bf 0c5d 4e5d a2a8 d1348ee8c0d4
2 points

Worth it

Preview 0356d408 63cf 49c8 ad17 65efccba5f63
5 points

It is that time again

Preview a0d5fb0b 939c 41e2 ac54 b773d978f923
8 points
Preview ec08935e 5a25 45a9 9e8b a1e6aee4c7e7
10 points

The " I'm 25 dating a 16 year old but she'll be 17 in March" starter pack.

Preview 14f50fcf 9374 4a54 83c0 118d9246eda3
5 points

Hate when this happens

Preview e2e2bdf3 ce23 4409 86f2 3d30a8ec8e9f
274 points

Now listen closely

Preview 59f8d355 12a1 44a5 8716 878fb3001dc7
189 points

One red and one yellow. I always wanted to have a yellow one.

Preview ab094ae8 42e1 4c1c 90bc 02e99d3b8eb5
100 points

Before vs. after

Preview e15d5e90 5020 4729 9fb0 f34de5472dde

If you stay long in the jail, you will be a b*tch for someone else

Preview 074568eb a251 4f18 bee0 afd74275e9ab
100 points

Well...I'm not mohamed

Preview df737983 1210 40c7 9300 e68609a44312
181 points

Oh sh*t....

Preview bcf5e836 974e 40f5 8c8d 30943477ffdc
159 points

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