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My dog took a dump directly in my mother in laws shoe.

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My hands after a shower

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These vagina nails.

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Campus Petitioners


Holding a closed fist for extended periods of time

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Camera in a furniture screw

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.... Not like I was using that or anything

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I'm confused also...

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Best dragon.

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Who know, also the art lessons are an optional.

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Tequila + cruise ship balcony


Cut Finger Prank


My coworker's hand is 2 different sizes, a congenital deformation known as "Type E Brachydactyly."

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Here's something to think about before saying that a vegan diet is the "healthy" thing to do no matter the age

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Steve Harvey Asks Man What's The Last Thing He Stuck His Finger In And His Answer Is Explosive

526 points

Is there life after death?

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