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Scientist Bomb Prank

74 points

Terry Put It In Reverse

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119 points

The fire spirit

Preview e9460e62 18da 43f2 9f42 702778be6393
107 points

“I just don’t understand why you can’t work any faster”

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86 points

The USS Iowa firing a full broadside of nine 16" shells

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107 points

Too soon

Preview d3a1184a da8d 48a2 aeaf db7b36350be7
121 points

When you make the minimum Credit Card payment after the holiday season.

Preview ee88991f f9c7 48f6 a4c8 08737149cc1d
121 points

Please don’t fart god please don’t fart

Preview 3ccaf75b 0f26 43b7 bae5 aa5d5366ae53
137 points

Flare-up Steak.

Preview 02c253c0 2e15 429c 83e1 c9eb129e9f37
125 points

Yeah, let's just reschedule the eclipse.

Preview 56b4a4cc 9474 420f a229 f55f3873dbe7
59 points

Photographer Ulla Lohmann studying a volcano

Preview 1db47a6e 86a4 4655 a03d d11550f2773c

No phonecall, no visit all day - happy birthday to myself I guess

Preview 2cb4e764 a089 4ba8 8245 56560b75ad48
88 points

Fireworks, they're just bits of physics and chemistry...

Preview b303c2fa 53df 47d2 8223 bd854d7ecdfe
120 points

Loudest sounds !

Preview 3b621755 49af 474f ad6c 5f27514ceb31
111 points

How Many Americans Know Where North Korea Is?




Burning Axe Killer Clown Prank!

145 points

Man trapped at the edge of a crane while a massive fire burns below him.

Preview a182c30b 418f 4356 82aa 7d8f7beb5c5b
167 points

Fire And Explosives Make Falling Dominoes Far More Interesting

207 points

Fire bending

Preview 135f304f ea0c 48db 9714 f11973065f34
105 points

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