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I think he'll succeed

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Good time for a selfie...

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I understand now how Jesus fed so many people with so little fish

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14 points

Having a bad day?

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57 points

This Great White Shark

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8 points

Who reads this?

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40 points

Guy I know found a surprise in his "wing" at KFC

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75 points

Otter go space

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Grocery store rotisserie chicken suprise

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Google knows what's up

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Miniature food artists are at it again, now with sushi, sake, and more traditional Japanese food

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52 points

Big fishy nope

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Since everyone is discovering Shoebills I want them to know they are cold heartless monsters


Watch This Sea Creature Do An Awesome Hermit Crab Impression

180 points


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3 points

Unusual Underwater Discovery

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3 points

I got scared

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4 points

So Cute! Decorator Crabs Make High Fashion At Low Tide

207 points

Rare photo of a shark stepping on Lego

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