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Veteran Great White

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5 points

Fish tank.

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9 points

Colorful sea slug

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6 points


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10 points

0_0 ---> 0 ___ 0

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18 points

I just got this pen case from South Korea. I like the attention to detail of the inside of the case ... :)

Preview 03746a9f 70e4 470b 93d0 aae0e8be16a6
8 points

So this just happened today

Preview f5892a24 ec2a 43ce a73d 7ef1342aa1c6
10 points

300lb Halibut caught in Alaska this week

Preview 79c8586d 216d 48a2 b174 3eb0f4a8df8f
7 points

Is this death metal?

Preview 2a28afc4 6433 4a57 bb04 e2c372dc74b9
17 points

14 is ... accurate

Preview 08532df3 fcd0 4f59 8a54 3ef888cb77d4
18 points

My fish formed some stone like bones?

Preview dd938187 a729 4c18 b518 85d717a7e5f7
2 points

Blue ring octopus. Eff no!!

Preview b611f542 39d3 441a a306 c369dd0682cd
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BBC Live

Preview 3742067e ef09 4331 a1cc 67bc0ead4132
1 points

That's the last time I buy imported shrimp

Preview bbd8b62a 5693 4344 9b11 144916d49d49
3 points

Dolphin shows an Albatross how to get some air

Preview 71be2945 f54b 4923 b158 f88093d25ddd

This Duck that is just about to surface

Preview abd462b9 6b6d 4c4f ae3b ed42c89f5a1e

Hello darkness

Preview cfe0afd8 92e8 49cd 85a4 0b97116494d1
13 points

A Flying Fish preparing for release

Preview f0dafe53 9e3f 4c07 9d6d 20a826cad04e
2 points

Some dreams are just not meant to be fulfilled

Preview 67d7a47e 505f 4d05 a54d 2fe2baf4922c
16 points

What are YOU looking at?

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