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Ever smell something that reminds you someone

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7 points

This ocean isn't big enough for the two of us.

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23 points

This manatee pooping on the mermaids at Weeki Wachee Springs, FL

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Enough internet for today...

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24 points

Fascinating how far they've come

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76 points

MFW I caught a fish and it flopped while holding it

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Bad joke eel

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17 points


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Nice art

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23 points

A starfish with problems on his mind

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53 points

Man with face of FISH

Preview f56a6c5d 3df2 4b3a b02e c1a0f5479c42

Happy fish is happy

Preview c8b2b5e6 05e0 4799 9ee8 ecc9cf9e1329
16 points

The wallago attu catfish

Preview 865936da 9663 4636 b2c1 943e82596477
20 points

A 12 hour old baby thornback ray. the perks of being a senior aquarist!

Preview 38ef6c5f 3e5b 430e 8be3 5a362ef9544f
19 points

Delicious human!

Preview 2340af81 ad40 4bc9 9c67 dca32ae0f74d

Seal runs into the glass

Preview f54486b2 88af 472b aed3 7a28b5cc8a3d
38 points

I liek puns

Preview 1528d1fb 5074 4061 938e d7452afac9f5
23 points

My mate just got Nando's and realised a few bites in he got free salmonella

Preview a88b676b c1cd 4d5d b500 95050e455e1b
21 points

found in Coles brand "chicken necks"

Preview c48a12da 1256 4205 8b05 393ebecdf541
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