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Watch This Sea Creature Do An Awesome Hermit Crab Impression

163 points

So Cute! Decorator Crabs Make High Fashion At Low Tide

194 points

Rare photo of a shark stepping on Lego

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172 points

LOl! If Phone Brands Were People

231 points

Part of the ship, Part of the crew, Part of the ship, Part of the crew, Part of the ship, Part of the crew

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168 points

Excuse me, rocks

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127 points

Behind The Scenes At National Geographic

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157 points

I'm terrified of sharks.

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167 points

The rare Greenland Halibut

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115 points

Adolf Fishler

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115 points

That's how I see the ocean

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95 points

One of these images is a turtle, and the other a person on a surfboard. Now imagine you're a hungry shark.

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314 points

17 Reasons NOT to be a Vegetarian

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112 points

Suprise mother f*cker

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229 points

Night fishing

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103 points


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73 points

Summoning the shrimp devil

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200 points

Damn..I thought they are friendly and kind...

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85 points

Where is the banana for scale??

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162 points

For those who dont believe in unicorns

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