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Stranger things kids seem to handle the hosts well..

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Apparently there is a Sunday yard sale in my friend’s neighbourhood.

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190 points

A Reminder About The Forth of July

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187 points


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185 points

As advertised.

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Fighting the good fight.✊

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Yes, I worry about that a lot.

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62 points

You know you’re screwed when this happens

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108 points

Tell me where do we draw the line...???

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131 points

As long as we're posting signs....

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110 points

Vote for Sheriff

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96 points

Harry Potter and the Chamber of War

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122 points

What even is this

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81 points

Hawkeye after not seeing him in the trailer of new Avengers movie

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169 points

Being dyslexic is a bitch

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123 points

Meanwhile, in Louisiana...

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124 points

Thanks for pointing that out.

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112 points

The gang's all here

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118 points

The Winter Olympics In A Nutshell !

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