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What Happens To A Flame When There's No Gravity?

250 points

Lightning hitting the stage of the german music festival "Rock am Ring" two years ago.

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173 points

Hans would be proud

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122 points

Awwww to Mmmmm

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110 points

A fire breathing dog

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Balrog vs Smaug

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A Samsung battery just exploded in the Subway in Hong Kong.

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154 points

Best $10 I have ever spent

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85 points

When the black kid in class says white people don't have a culture

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158 points

Madman Manages To Build 20-Foot Tall Fire Tornado Without Burning Down His Entire Country

112 points

Melt Your Brain With A Ride Through This Psychedelic Hot Wheels Track Setup



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236 points

Italian cake

Preview 62493ba8 b595 4cf6 88ba 5dc4e4574f2e
132 points

Wait... let me first smoke one ...

Preview cb428ae9 2cf4 4ce7 91f7 00feb04ced3b
122 points

Wait ... how?

Preview 19c6586b 92a1 4c5d a402 145f4b867937
76 points

A new style of waterbending.

Preview 36436cd0 133d 45b4 8f40 86ba8f76b9bf
295 points

Self regenerating candle

Preview 4746eaf3 3918 42d9 ac63 5edd7a51f07b
83 points

When your mom tells you to come eat and she didnt even start cooking

Preview 456a0f61 c726 41ab bc18 722bf3abb6f1
215 points


Preview ad553119 bc84 4227 9f32 fbb4ccebc8e8
124 points

Lia Marie Johnson

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197 points

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