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He later died in the hospital

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11 points

This approaching storm cloud a few minutes ago in Pennsylvania

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17 points

Alexander Semenov Photographs Astonishing Creatures from the Depths of the World’s Oceans

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This BBQ grill

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9 points

Created this piece tonight, "Walk with me", oil on canvas

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19 points

Think about the children

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20 points

Cholesterol in a tube from blood draw

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18 points

When you feel more important than the sun

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13 points

Wildfire last night in/near Split, Croatia

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18 points

Caught a fire dragon!

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Rumba long exposure shot

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12 points

Some a**hole torched my truck last night

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17 points

The great escape..!!

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19 points

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Perfect picture...

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The post above

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Ying yang

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10 points

Temporary brain cancer

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13 points

Simply Awesome

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