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Ying yang

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9 points

Temporary brain cancer

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10 points

Simply Awesome

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9 points

For the amazing music they make they deserve a lot more attention.

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16 points

Found this growing in my soil.

Preview e76fd8b2 52b8 488c a779 d1300f86aeb3
11 points

The gravy should be ready.....

Preview 6b3b7cde 7b35 4fe5 89ba 476f37678003
14 points

You gotta do what you gotta do

Preview 9202a0e9 9428 437e 997e e73d51b94f23
8 points

E.T. landed in Eastern Europe

Preview 32cfd680 9838 4e33 ba76 828b1dcc8450

And may the force be with you!

Preview 4630f948 93e1 4e7d 97aa 2ea350dd0f6d
12 points

Fire breathing Doggo

Preview 49bf7f1b 117c 4c45 9d78 5cb6106b4801

Not sure if this counts but lightning struck in the middle of taking a photo.

Preview fb74d2ab 7ccc 4230 83f7 0afdeabc97c6

Cop finds out pepper spray is flammable

Preview 369ffe36 ee16 4a08 ba13 1db33523a824
66 points

This beautiful cloud

Preview 38c7777a 8337 404e 9352 968b2ef9c605
8 points

Meanwhile, back at the fire pit...

Preview 4f4ec8bd 525d 483a 94d8 f81953d77417
7 points

Fire Hair

Preview b9b37087 d057 411f 82c5 ea267fc44c00
12 points

That one time the fire created a small dragon and I was lucky to capture it.

Preview 420937c0 ae62 472f 899b e0a0ce86ba0a
42 points

Legend has it if you stare too long she will burn into your soul...

Preview fad1d15c a0c6 4d73 9b90 a5cb6c3b4908
10 points

Night in Split, Croatia...

Preview 5089e0ac 55c6 4ec3 a3dc 462a92f4fa3f
17 points

Campfire Dragon

Preview 8c499040 1b96 48f7 9e5d aefd7977b20f

Split, Croatia last night.

Preview 5d6ea269 f139 4080 8069 690f9afc94ba
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