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Fire Hair

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That one time the fire created a small dragon and I was lucky to capture it.

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Legend has it if you stare too long she will burn into your soul...

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Night in Split, Croatia...

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Campfire Dragon

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Split, Croatia last night.

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Fireworks rocket at blastoff

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Bless you

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Press photographer tries to complain after being hit by a water cannon

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What a great time to be alive!

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Is anyone else seeing what looks like a person walking between the two trees in the cemetery fire pic posted today?

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Fire breather looks like he's kissing a fire dragon

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What Happens To A Flame When There's No Gravity?

262 points

Lightning hitting the stage of the german music festival "Rock am Ring" two years ago.

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186 points

Hans would be proud

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Awwww to Mmmmm

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A fire breathing dog

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Balrog vs Smaug

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A Samsung battery just exploded in the Subway in Hong Kong.

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159 points

Best $10 I have ever spent

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