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They pick up more things off TV than you know

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Thought I'd share my first pumpkin carving ever.

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If you have watched this masterpiece atleast 5 times. We can be friends.

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Some people really want to be the Joker

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I think I got Chester Cheetah's litter bag.

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Lava looks so damn tasty

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Somebody once told me...

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I just saw this in indonesia (gili trawangan)

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Lightning hitting right when the camera was processing the picture.

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Polish guy got lost in woods, set fire so someone could locate him, and caused a fire that is impossible to stop now. In Bar, Montenegro.

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Me on friday

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Lantern Festival, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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I never noticed this

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I see your totaled Eclipse and raise you my totaled Eclipse

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Giant rat of fire!

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Honk if a kid falls out

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You know what's better than 24?

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Lightning striking an airplane passing through a rainbow

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I have the high ground!

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