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Sometimes you just need to crawl on the roof of your suv and shoot your flamethrower.

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71 points

Drive Thru Dentist

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24 points

Now that Oregonians have to pump their own gas...

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75 points

Fireworks during a thunderstorm

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Its not a real bird, but it sure looks like it

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Ventura, CA. 200,000 acres burned only 10% contained.

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We were given the best roasting sticks as a wedding gift.

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New Year firework explodes exactly halfway through photo capture.

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Raindrop fell exactly when the picture was taken.

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Someone put raw meat in my mailbox

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62 points

Oh grandma, what big teeth you have.

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20 points

Yesterday from the 101

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Massive gas fire in Oakland county Michigan

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50 points

Welcome to the Santasy

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8 points

The inside of a Stony-iron meteorite, believed to be created during the formation of the solar system

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12 points

Just another emo meme

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11 points

Yeah, let's just reschedule the eclipse.

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18 points

Photographer Ulla Lohmann studying a volcano

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No phonecall, no visit all day - happy birthday to myself I guess

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