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This guy tho

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68 points

Found at the nearest pornhub video

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85 points

Bad luck for Switzerland national team, the entire squad is injured...

Preview e30d8a37 c6bf 4b41 aac8 36bf2d52b309
24 points

Well she speaks with her hands so its the only way to make her shut up

Preview 9a06c984 3fcf 4d3d bdec 52f4aa70ceba
89 points

Does anybody see the problem with this pic?

Preview 10753e08 ce58 43c1 976c eb5e6b410c69
12 points

It's been about 100 years now since the Russian revolution

Preview 599db56e eaf4 4edc 9f5e 607e23fa23a1

Reichtangle creeping in the corner.

Preview d443f32d 57d1 45a2 961a e2a43c643f6c

"Sorry I'm busy"

Preview b947ecc5 f0e1 4f49 98e3 52a375401dc9
23 points

Can't sleep

Preview 6f69ac13 e334 47df 9661 656a254c2636
22 points

Wait what ?! (Not mine)

Preview 914bde9d 6486 451b be4a e3e8e3a8001c
23 points

I am surrounded by 50% idiots

Preview d4789857 411e 4e30 9e4e c6274917215a
3 points

Dank pornhub

Preview 7a04211a 8ea9 421d 9318 7bcff478efbe
82 points

Yep, it's on spotify

Preview 893eff80 dd62 4914 aa8f e496e324bb0f
5 points

Hell no

Preview 88c35ed4 aa6b 4d99 90d6 b068fd6b414e
6 points

It's this time of year again...

Preview e8bd73e5 fcad 4bbe be16 1ae9808c10d6
10 points

Safe web browsing

Preview 59f21468 9413 4ae5 b4f7 4bedc690bce9
86 points

Someone upload all pokemon sun & moon episodes on pornhub

Preview 51bd1d39 19d7 4751 bd69 c1b823ca2963
122 points

Escaping prison? Make sure the Google Car doesnt spot you.

Preview a0690de6 7907 4633 8cd8 2de053b4c36e
7 points

Every single time

Preview 7d361fb9 8bc3 4f46 8b69 897befbe7b35
19 points

How Much Of The Earth Can You See At Once?

114 points

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