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It's been about 100 years now since the Russian revolution

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Reichtangle creeping in the corner.

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"Sorry I'm busy"

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21 points

Can't sleep

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20 points

Wait what ?! (Not mine)

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17 points

I am surrounded by 50% idiots

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1 points

Dank pornhub

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71 points

Yep, it's on spotify

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2 points

Hell no

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3 points

It's this time of year again...

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7 points

Safe web browsing

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84 points

Someone upload all pokemon sun & moon episodes on pornhub

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75 points

Escaping prison? Make sure the Google Car doesnt spot you.

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4 points

Every single time

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17 points

How Much Of The Earth Can You See At Once?

16 points

Archiving the World’s Saddest Destinations Via Google Maps

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5 points

How to use Google? You are welcome.

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5 points

My experience with coding so far

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172 points

Facebook Emergency

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9 points

If u have a hacker mind..

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