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This great shot.

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16 points

Leaving my hometown today

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14 points

Shadow cast by surface tension on the wasp's legs

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22 points

Eclipse on a Bird's Wing

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A house shaped lile a plane in Lebanon!

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21 points

First Time Riding an Airplane

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17 points

F-111 moments before crash landing due to failed landing gear.

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Here goes the luggage

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Iceland from 20,000 ft.

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F-18 Super Hornet Breaking Sound Barrier

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94 points

If you ever wondered how Amsterdam looks like from the air.

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Seagull in Ireland, unplanned

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Can't relate

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2 points

People are trolling United Airlines with these brutal new slogans (Add yours)

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5 points

Argentine jet low fly-by


Osprey a moment away from lunch

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Don't move to a populated place where they have air shows every year if you're not a fan of jet noise.

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21 points

Checkmate, Atheists!

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23 points

Watching the sunrise from above

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