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Two dummies hung in a tree in Maryland today. Wtf?

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107 points

No one likes plowing alone.

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86 points

This car was completely intact 2 days prior. Abandoned near a store known for vagrancy.

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76 points

Caught a lightening strike @ 10 pm in Austin, TX in 2012 with my iPhone 4S

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You know the roads are bad when....

Preview ebddc150 a714 4c13 b710 3c12180f94e0
77 points

it's super effective!

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48 points

Irma took this business name as a challenge.

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37 points

ehh...Now I think I'm really adopted!!

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ehhh..Now I think I'm really adopted!!

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82 points

My Very religious friends asked me to check on their 18y/o son while they were away. I sent them this picture of their house...

Preview ec390ddf f47e 46fe 9da3 5db720d72425
126 points

today someone decided to make an illegal u turn at the worst possible time

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83 points

Bus or Boat? After two days rain, Dhaka, Capital of Bangladesh.

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45 points

How about some proper respect for all of these civilian redneck hero's out saving lives?

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84 points

Just a Slav House - Adidas is Love

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Houston East of 45 off of Rayford and Sawdust...If anyone is near by and has a boat. Could you please let me know.

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53 points

Having Your House On a Cliff Seems Like a Good Idea in Theory, But...

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10 points

Meanwhile in Montreal, Canada...

Preview 333e1f97 3b48 447d adf9 6ecafb130cca
20 points

Who called who for back up?

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72 points

This house exploded in Lincoln, NE this evening

Preview 3c4a5a76 172f 4ef0 b37b 6e86d312a186
24 points

Stevie Ray Vaughn statue appears to be walking on water in Texas Flood.

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