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Dismantled wooden barn finds new life in the structural elements of this Beverly Hills, CA remodel.

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I decided to pull my bedside table out from the wall after living here for one year aaaand...

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Big, black and you can sit on it.

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Look at my lovely dog...

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You wouldn't believe it but this table was wooden before discount

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These tiles have a perfect transition

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This cloud looks just like a cat!!! Well – it’s a cat!

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Sweet satisfaction

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He's not blind... just weird

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These tiles have a perfect transition

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Omar can't be trusted around toilet paper

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I've just adopted a cat a few days ago and she spies on me all the time

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Nobody can withstand those eyes

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HAHA it was me!

Preview 3d4e370a e045 4ebe beca f45697328d08
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This doesn't seem right

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159 points

Do u like my new sneakers?

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This seal looks like a potato.

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Did it start in the elevator or in the toilet?

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