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Tree struck by lightning caught fire from inside

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156 points

A woman thought to be dead was just taking a nap in a canal due to extreme heat.

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258 points

3200 year old tree

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101 points

Umpherston sinkhole, Australia

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81 points

A friend asked me to mind his houseplant for a few days. I hope he likes the makeover I gave it

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103 points

Yes or na??

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150 points

Dank boii

Preview a1abb638 bb1e 4472 8af9 dc17072d8ef0
143 points

Hypocrisy at it's finest

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119 points

What kind of a berd is that?

Preview 5068ffe5 28fb 4012 a554 d0d6c644b503
123 points

Mother Nature's getting horny

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101 points

Bikini Bottom aquarium

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87 points

What insects look like after the rain

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121 points

How broken things can be beautiful

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83 points

Vegetarians, even your sustenance eats meat.

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115 points

I actually saw a pineapple

Preview a8139720 6193 4ee8 8a2e c9e03fa241fa
213 points

Lemme show you how to make fire

Preview 5bd0cff1 1c75 47fb 8b56 73f43ef673a6
194 points

Nope nope nope nope nope

Preview d026e850 dd74 4166 8471 db01e5926207
112 points

You ain't gonna stop me, b*tch!

Preview 31f07c88 94c3 4337 92dc 8faa2ca130d5
144 points

This 391 year old Bonsai Tree survived Hiroshima & is still growing strong today.

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84 points

What would his mixtape be called?

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59 points

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