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The real WTF is that I've never seen this beautiful flower in my 45 years.

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7 points

This spider made a web to hold moisture, even at 100 degrees.

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9 points

I'm gonna die...NOT ME!

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Street art employing a tuft of grass

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Have a nice day

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You can get every colour of flower in this park.

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Bird made from old CDs

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We had a long winter so wildflowers just started blooming

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Vole sleeping in an iris flower

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14 points

Weed Farm in 25m high tree tops in Germany.

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An extreme camo ghillie suit

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And you don't even know it

Preview 322fcb3d c4bf 4cce 9c55 9df1379f980e
13 points

Mother of Tomato

Preview 939c8944 61ae 47fa af6d b2b35af86420
14 points

There'll be leaves when you are done.

Preview 8fff3571 c987 4f60 9cd9 a47590a3b4b6
20 points

Leaning back after a nice lunch under a tree in Honolulu and was greeted by chickens

Preview f46e4c14 e87d 4399 a9e4 57f79d5e4b31

Spongebob made this with his tears

Preview bd30a4b9 d424 4495 9faf 05d9bab6dabc
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Golden plover chicks sport moss camo

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Tour de Plants

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