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My Mom sent this to me for Easter. I love my Mom.

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90 points

I noticed a carpet beetle larva in my pipe after I finished smoking. No wonder it tasted funny

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122 points

This fly that landed on a flower I was photographing.

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125 points

Wouldn't want to get some shade under this tree......can you spot them all???

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111 points

While walking in the woods found a rotting pumpkin with a decapitated chicken's head inside.

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85 points

Came home to this in my front yard.

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119 points

Tiny succulents

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98 points

I left the rollercoaster ride out too long and it left this huge dick in my yard!

Preview e47db97e 9c5f 4330 8dd8 549422cfbe49
146 points

Bananas for scale

Preview 02f02cb9 ff12 4ed0 8eb5 20b5af6552af
77 points

Bird made from old CDs

Preview e2bbfd46 dfd9 41ab adaf 4e3d6e06ef1c
104 points

October in Pretoria, South Africa

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I bought a 2-inch cactus at the store 15 years ago, today it bloomed for the first time ever

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117 points


Preview eb5a77b1 f5fd 4a3b 9a78 38d614ed5a8f
78 points

Anime dropping truth bombs left and right

Preview 4a6dff2e 5304 4b81 b8dc 38fdf78b3e95
99 points

I found a six-leaf clover today

Preview 1421d399 6ef5 4203 b781 342e1042b2e6
54 points

Man walking down the street with balloons attached to him.

Preview bb51edf3 1386 49a2 8205 b83649b0b7c1
87 points

As they went home, and I saw a duck walking on the water with paws!! Holy shit I thought...

Preview 2147d9ea b5e1 487a b117 bf1c13e02c65
89 points

Undercover agent !?

Preview 4600f7f8 1543 4bb3 b58f 8a04e8a02cb8
157 points

Say whaaaaat!!!

Preview 47797dea dc68 47e5 a9ca 37aefcb4e996
91 points

While walking in the woods found a rotting pumpkin with a decapitated chicken's head inside.

Preview 72509af7 f2e2 42ee ab58 56d0aea2fd0b
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