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How to solve the riddle of the goat cabbage and wolf

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Good morning to you too mom....

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Reality can be quite ironic

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50 points

The Ring

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59 points

This kale plant

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11 points

I have mixed feelings about this

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22 points

Pretty much what happened when I came out.

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62 points

How to draw a rose.

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Blue-poppies at Mount Fuji, Japan.

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23 points

Those Damn wizards

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6 points


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101 points

Primary school teacher illustrates funny conversations of everyday life in the classroom in comics

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106 points

You can get every colour of flower in this park.

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17 points

How to survive a bad situation

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8 points

Jep..thats me

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6 points


Preview 571a9a42 a10b 423b 8c0e d45467fb9698
4 points


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17 points

Found this flower on my walk home today.

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7 points

Moments before the droplet fall off

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Data really is beautiful

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