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Fairy Plant

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13 points

This kale plant

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8 points

I have mixed feelings about this

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18 points

I finally got a full sphere of flowers from my hoya!

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17 points

How to draw a rose.

Preview e69fa76a cc06 436c 8dad fbf2cdcd2216

Spring Bluebell path

Preview aa329266 f945 4423 8cda 05d6952547c2
5 points

Let's put some flowers on the side, that will brighten the mood...

Preview 75b5db79 a620 4a9d 9dfe 4e04d1d09d1e
15 points

Roses made from dead leaves.

Preview 41550c8c 0a45 4826 b413 c7a6bac524e7
22 points

Blue-poppies at Mount Fuji, Japan.

Preview 36f31350 dc75 4cc0 804f 9e48cc59670f
18 points

Having Breakfast with my Human

Preview 860a7c35 d7f3 4cb3 b4a0 e26d72f79937
20 points


Preview e9a04c0b 9145 4c2b bb0b e85dbfc850c1
15 points

Release the Kraken 🐙

Preview 82cec521 a284 4409 9022 cb3de691ec7e
21 points

Bluebonnet Wildflowers covering a railroad track

Preview 23f8b836 2f88 4862 a9e5 d05bab4eb783
19 points

This awesome talented artist turns strangers into anime-inspired cartoons

Preview a61f58c3 2bd8 435a a02e 914c5feb8334
141 points

Some type of eggs?

Preview 8126d335 1991 4199 9379 a8cc2edfafeb
20 points

Bed Head

Preview 8eba471d 8a5d 4351 8286 ef4afb83f553
10 points

The sun wore his jaunty hat, and has some serious thinking to do

Preview b5399f76 4d06 47cc 99d7 a0a890503dcf

What nice ink and figure

Preview 7ae4ddaf 7783 4b80 b897 116e10697c1b
18 points

The real WTF is that I've never seen this beautiful flower in my 45 years.

Preview e537d198 b547 4ce9 86d1 6289b35d3d3c
10 points

The symmetry of this flower

Preview 1f1b333f 7f96 4f89 95d1 8d26b62bae92
2 points

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