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I am not lost, just visiting

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When your hooman has the smell of dogs

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71 points

My maine coon calimero. Lighter for scale

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56 points


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135 points

What else could've done it?

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84 points

I found a baby rabbit. It wasn't too scared :)

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21 points


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24 points

If it fits, we sits

Preview d9572457 e8c1 4e87 8707 d460959c4cbc
72 points

She wasn't expecting me to standing there

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42 points

He heard a sound in the backyard.

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24 points

First time losing a pet. Didnt know it'd be this sad. Sleep well buddy. 2003-2017.

Preview 611b8932 9208 4e03 9d2b c967403ad134
44 points

Read the underlined not this

Preview 0b54d94a 0f0b 4536 8f08 677e4a0bdc20
40 points

Minecraft irl

Preview 5075191b e1d1 44ef 98d4 b51804b13f88
83 points


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23 points


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56 points

This little fella shows up and steals your bowl. What's your next move?

Preview 9ab5b17f c1db 4538 bee1 f3ce3223ce28
40 points

Fluffy blob

Preview 836381bf 7619 4704 bbc6 5831b89f7858
21 points

Can u not

Preview 119fa646 8ac3 4d07 a54c b0a3e284969a
59 points

Maxine the fluffy Corgi


Probably because I'm drunk

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118 points

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