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Is there something on my face?

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He decided to sit on top of her, because she was in his spot.

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Before & After

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A scammer sent me a friend request. So had a little fun 😈

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Better watch your back

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Happiness is a kitty on the kitchen counter waiting for catnip.

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Here’s my cat, immediately after shitting in the bath and refusing to move from my chair.

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Another young actor's life destroyed

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“Feed me or you die.”

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The look i get when i ask why she's being an asshole and blocking her "sister" from coming inside through the kitty door.

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That’s a nice tree.....

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Pitbull puppies for sale

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129 points

Pitbull puppies for sale

Preview 56d5f994 4b17 49a7 9a5a ee88666adbc2
135 points

Yea stop

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"am I pretty ?"

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If you can read this thank a teacher

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I am not lost, just visiting

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When your hooman has the smell of dogs

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My maine coon calimero. Lighter for scale

Preview 22d85165 afc8 4c35 a893 deef4145ba07
70 points

Not mine, but it's cute

Preview 26c8a657 347f 4e7e b342 06b689a30fae
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