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Blue-banded bee

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Ow! That's my back!

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I too snapped a pic of a butterfly with its wings open

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Caught a picture of a butterfly wings open

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American Bald Eagle changing path mid-flight after seeing a new target

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Coming in a little low....

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This fish is mine!

Preview cd9f35f0 94a0 4f1a bfc7 105520c138a8

A majestic thief

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Dolphin Enjoying Cold Water And Man his Watching This ...

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This causes emergency landing

Preview a17dc544 d6e3 4112 a4a8 c62d38f27fe4
22 points

What did the bees do after they got married?

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24 points

Fly fact

Preview 79ae401f 8c6d 4967 aeba f3a41de75fa5
36 points

When you're drunk and you have to use the public transport

Preview fe415d47 84be 4c66 baf4 f530eb58cb99
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batty jackpot

Preview 5533597a 1ef6 46e9 895a 78f806e7386f

Anyone know what the fak is this?

Preview fd1e26f1 034d 4a96 a189 1a8ec85e2f8d
141 points

🔥 The Scorpion Dragon Fly. Yes, they exist.🔥

Preview fdca9349 8aa1 42ca bb85 3e70b6ae554a
49 points

This great shot.

Preview ee659083 74ba 488e bc3b 2c63d4c34a5a
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Shadow cast by surface tension on the wasp's legs

Preview 3ae23ff7 5499 44f7 a2f5 e10d58143917
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