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But I'm afraid of heights!

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This is pretty cool ο_ο

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110 points

Hey, that’s my dinner.

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Just a bird catching a chip

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120 points

Two Blue Angels F/A-18 Hornets flying side-by-side, one inverted.

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137 points

Refueling over moonlight

Preview 2aed8818 dd7d 4dcc a6ab e7ea8141c4ca

Landed on the window for a second

Preview b6e5dad6 a5a5 47cb b0c6 1ff5367acea5

Oh no

Preview 61d67949 7f33 4a7b a097 c49a4bbedfc7
104 points

Bald Eagle snatches a fox holding a rabbit...

Preview fa542bf7 ca43 44fd 9f3c 69c0d236a394

Bald eagle stealing a rabbit from a fox

Preview 7e5b8b50 6870 4094 bdbe 5663b3bc49d9

Bee pooping mid-flight

Preview 85eb82d4 ec8c 44ce aee4 3bda50f0abb4
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Preview 092f657e 3813 4db3 96f2 2fd251dc00b6
133 points

Eclipse on a Bird's Wing

Preview d1f587a3 29d9 422a 8ca1 c300dc91f626

White-tailed Sea Eagle in flight being attacked by a Common Gull

Preview c9afbf4f 883f 40a1 b2d8 a552916eb4ab
126 points

A dove flew by

Preview f441f2a0 3b60 4ecd aeb7 89da2f2f631d
100 points

Crane, pole.

Preview 35452014 63eb 4e6a 99e9 f84deb44ef54
113 points

I apologize for this really crappy photo

Preview 68a6326c 8935 4bf3 b045 ec460d732753

No chances for fish

Preview 5a542cba 2332 4033 8fdf ea2a5de7f313
100 points

Iraq In April of 2004. Our convoy was stopped on the side of the road, was able to grab my camera right as this Apache flew overhead.

Preview f282de01 be51 44d3 b009 353aa794a7de
134 points

Airplane reflection on a cloud surrounded by a rainbow.

Preview eb3732c8 e69c 44b9 bf4d 8b2ba3004f69
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