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My dad took this at EAA, told me it was "mere luck"

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Above the Pacific: July 1960. I decided to scan my grandfathers kodachrome slides. No filters, no photoshop! Part 4

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Just a plane fan

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Apparently the Blue Angels are popular today, but you probably aren't aware of their newest member

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I also took a perfect picture of two Blue Angels

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Y'all want Blue Angels? Here ya go.

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Who did it?

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Watching A Daredevil Pilot Fly This Low Is AbsolutelyAmazing But Also Terrifying!

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This All-Electric Powered Lilium Jet Is The Flying Car We've Been Waiting For

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A picture to describe a whole country

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WATCH: Guy Takes His Bulldog On A Helicopter Ride For His Birthday

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Cleverly Engineered Lego Bat Flaps Its Wings Just Like The Real Thing

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Gorgeous Aerial Footage Makes Will You Want To Spend All Your Money On A Jetpack

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Mayday.. Mayday..

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WATCH: How Many Balloons Will It Take To Make A Dog Fly?

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Space Shuttle launch

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Lightning strike and Earthing

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