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Visited a relative. I quickly turned around when I saw their toilet...

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63 points

My friend's coffee mug

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13 points

I had to do a double take when I saw the condiments at this restaurant.

Preview 66abb7a5 86fb 4ead 96c8 59eebcd9d101
100 points

The beautiful gradation of this coffee drink

Preview fdbdd34e 905a 477c a2d3 5b6baaeb626d
18 points

Little brother enjoying Hawaii

Preview 7e2ade1a cf8b 44f1 b567 f0e09617763d

Epic picture of wave crashing into the statue of Neptune in Gran Canaria

Preview 54368998 f9c2 4596 91a5 7cd05838d0fe
19 points

My friend in the E.R. sent me a pic of his urine.

Preview b21daa61 e056 4552 9c62 de9f5e35276b
24 points

Want one too

Preview 9a155f98 9ca6 4caf bb40 57f5ea245740
22 points

Worked hard to get a drone to shoot while traveling - totally worth it!!!

Preview 778c6715 d58a 4792 85b9 a4f4d109b401
71 points

I honestly hate myself I’m sorry

Preview 87902fa0 ac60 4198 809f bfd8c281218a
23 points

My coffee surprised me with a painting this morning.

Preview b20b647d 1362 47b1 9146 69fbe02dc7ba
4 points

Injecting glow stick fluid in an egg


Omg look at those eyes ... aww

Preview f68f5521 e444 4614 bdfe 99a47edd35c3
64 points

Barista ain't koi about her skills.

Preview cd58c396 16a2 4bab b32d 3e415002a70a
74 points

Americans be like: "Enjoy your beer."

Preview 405c9b0d c631 4260 abb4 9b3d17b35d33
11 points


Preview 2823032a 7a79 47e6 afc5 ab46be07b12c
136 points

Can you see the deer in my beer?

Preview 13aac38e 04e6 4d6b 8e8f 12355640f4cb
134 points

More handsome

Preview 0ed964c3 5b3c 4d2a 98c7 7d4e6a62ce68
191 points

Nice beerglass design

Preview c6bba871 09dd 445f bf91 c73c4a3a033e
223 points

There is Puma logo on my beer.

Preview 75296690 48d5 4064 983c b1351b2d24c0
111 points

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