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Baking cookies ... in my car. This is not Arizona, this is Portland OR area, where it's 102 today

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When you're sad and you dont know what to eat..

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Oh Jeez!

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Nachos Grande with extra twist ties please.

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This tomato tried absorbing his neighbor.

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Mods are asleep, upvote mom's spaghetti!

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Taste the emancipation!

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I got some mini pumpkins to pass out for Halloween.

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Whomever did this deserves a raise!

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Its just bread

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Just another sunny day in wkwk land

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Stabilization hole

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The perfect person doesnt exi...

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How grapes are made.

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Looks like Pepper finally got her own suit

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46 points

Part of the Crew, Part of the Ship

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50 points

There's a glimpse of hope

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11 points

Dinner is served.

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This seemingly bowl of pasta is actually a bowl of worms taken from someone's intestine

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