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Be a Man

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109 points

Traveling in Tanzania, they have a unique definition of Classic Pizza

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107 points

What in God’s name....

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101 points

Just one of the many interesting menu items here at the Calgary Stampede this year. Cricket Grilled Cheese.

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98 points

The ultimate cheat code to set your music's equalizer!

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132 points

Emus being jerks

Preview c2ac79ba 597e 420d abeb 2c5969dfca08

My Cat Looks Like Egg

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90 points

Should we wake Mom? Let’s consult the chart.

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110 points

Poor Kid.

Preview 3f78d334 deeb 4511 9ddd f82c91e368ca
141 points

They all gonna be like oof

Preview bb44c880 aaf4 48d4 a274 955bc317bc2f
131 points

I will have 6 of those please

Preview 14cc4425 536e 477f 994b 658a1c656fb4
160 points

So my cat loves butter

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Preview 6e336541 9f03 433f 9fc8 92ddb52a3d7a
83 points

Is this loss?

Preview fe9a2345 7358 4d3d a919 3b6f02b1d14a
125 points

This bar’s “dress code”

Preview a076c23f 25be 4540 b1df 708f2b1fffdb
109 points

Oh, my lumbago!

Preview 1325a3b3 0cd7 4703 ab90 d9e7307b82c7
123 points

Smoothly done

Preview 051cfe6c 1d5e 4f2b b6d8 4101503fe7d5
120 points

But she's touching his shell now..

Preview 040f7b88 f1f5 4895 bc0d 5a88cb83cdb0
107 points

Record-breaker is rejected

Preview a7016aeb 46f3 40e4 aec1 48b5442c61fb
124 points

How to let kids keep their distance

Preview 24423e4b d446 4007 a0e3 b606137d9097
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