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Faith Based Insurance

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209 points

Military commands to live life by

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231 points


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244 points

My Granny!

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209 points

Evil pareidolia sundae

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216 points

When cooking pasta suddenly becomes the cookie monster.

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177 points


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134 points

office stuff

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170 points

Pizza Pranks Part 1!


I can’t believe she did this 😂



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296 points

Donut Fact #18

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221 points

College Math

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137 points

When you give up Smurf Hunting

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187 points

I'm sure you really want to eat that. Jerk.

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Be a Man

Preview bca589b6 a690 4e2e a9f0 2c4d2bf433b5
218 points

Traveling in Tanzania, they have a unique definition of Classic Pizza

Preview a1a14148 50f8 4235 8a4b dab89d61480c
155 points

What in God’s name....

Preview aaf1ed5c 1124 454b 8d86 5f52c2f4185f
140 points

Just one of the many interesting menu items here at the Calgary Stampede this year. Cricket Grilled Cheese.

Preview 4b709e16 6e2f 4722 a6f0 49a14020ddc1
138 points

The ultimate cheat code to set your music's equalizer!

Preview 55bf5121 a5fc 421d 87d3 c1cc1b859817
166 points

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