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Nah, seriously, WTF Jim!

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98 points

Something about Ash’s mum forcing Mr Mime to sit on the floor and eat out of a dog bowl makes me uneasy

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97 points


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Coca-cola Brand Strawberry.

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55 points

Been looking all over for this..

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85 points

Think again

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Buying a cat

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The electrical box was making a buzzing sound.

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81 points

Funny, but deep shit?

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78 points

Pops wanted to show off his healthy meal

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My daughter's spelling list this week.

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100 points

meow gang

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86 points

“Poor Man’s Lobster”

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90 points

Posted at my non-American coworker’s desk. We here in the US are a confusing bunch.

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88 points

Exactly what I wanted my hair to smell like

Preview 913fb0fe 58f1 470b 8731 d61669a5dde7
56 points

Stay safe!

Preview 59dee778 3128 4ebd 85b9 058434dc7af1
69 points

This teacher’s been a teacher before

Preview 946d25fc 70db 46df b206 a67945d89da7
119 points

A confession to a friend.

Preview e509f3b4 665e 4c84 b307 6d3a3eb9ae4b
117 points

Only Guys understand this

Preview d571dcbd 8554 4fe9 bc1c f09b9a3179a4
98 points

Little bit of extra protein in the granola bar this morning...

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