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My doctor told me to eat more fish

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*Update*So many bees in the wall that their honey is leaking from an outlet. Wall opened to show honey combs

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*insert funny ham pun here*

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Simple fly or mosquito trap - syrup, water, soap (destroys surface tention)

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18 points

That moment, when you hope desperately the guy ahead of you won't take the last pigeon.

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Fire Ants Create Island During Flooding

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Dinner is ready!

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Classic rage comic

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There was an audible crunch with the bite

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My wife's friend found a snake in her ice cream

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I'm getting pretty good at these super realistic 3D drawings

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Achilles!! Your cousin plan has done bamboozled all of greece!

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We love our frenchies though

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Welcome to India

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Well That Escalated Quickly

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I will never understand people who put pizza on pineapple.

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