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Mind. Blown.

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The Iron Pepper

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4 points

Peeling some boiled eggs when suddenly...

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5 points

She's living in 2045

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4 points

There's a huge downside to going top and tail.

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This ice in my drink

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Where I work, I have to select the best potatoes. Dream job?

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5 points

These cereal boxes

Preview 798a6d7f 2c28 458c 8442 424bcbcc5641
5 points

....Found the spoon honey

Preview e8af705e 36a1 455d b14b b8cd792d5db1
12 points

This peach tasted great until...

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13 points

What happens when you pour washer fluid in to the engine

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7 points

One of my buddies is traveling in foreign lands and unknowingly ordered a potato with a side of potatoes.

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Try not to cry, cry alot

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10 points

Guy I know found a surprise in his "wing" at KFC

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11 points

Good point there

Preview e38d1ff6 ae7a 4ada 8af5 a3665a447da2
9 points

A ladybird covered in morning dew.

Preview f6f4dfb4 1db1 4f5f 9976 248a9614bf97
7 points

Prepared fresh

Preview a7d33914 8bc2 49c5 92f3 3542abc0f30c
6 points

Found a Red Wasp With No Wings

Preview caa901a2 e9fa 430e 8cf6 06ffe9d33031
14 points

I don't have friends

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