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Gee, Thanks Kid!

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14 points

Where we're going we don't need roads

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94 points

My wife is deployed. Some first graders sent her letters for Christmas. This is her favorite.

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74 points

Helping with alcoholism

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He makes it look so easy

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82 points

Everyday we stray further from God's light.

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78 points

Disgustingly cute

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89 points

Wasted Time...

Preview b047e9ea 909f 4d2a 8505 0fe8d30719e7
73 points

I accidentally melted a bottle of honey and now it looks like the inbred cousin

Preview bb9848f7 3068 4e43 a11f c44ba7a06429
101 points

Deep fried axolotl

Preview f62abc5e 5f45 4357 8137 df7056cb038a
80 points

The clearest photo of the blood moon.

Preview 7e2c6a62 706d 4453 a2f3 61a15d22e2ce
88 points

My local dominos.....

Preview d811affc 5893 4178 ba9c 4d54de767d6a
109 points

Every Headline On The Internet In A Nutshell

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86 points

Massive 'babushka' egg laid with a smaller egg inside it - weighed in at 6.2 ounces

Preview 98ad132b 9b41 45e6 86b4 77a033d45934
83 points

these plates are color coded

Preview a7b71d86 9415 47b7 8960 cb246a227dc5
87 points

Friend puts fine dining menus in his son's lunch box

Preview 153f9658 4fb2 4611 a16a 6623dda46f6e
85 points


Preview 8155c8d0 0fc4 44c2 ae82 26b6e288f263
63 points

PSA: Tornado Safety

Preview c88bd6f8 accd 424e a16b 0bdf8af6c251
83 points

Sign at Florida BBQ restaurant.

Preview 0ebc9cf1 d1ad 4fa5 b753 bbd795c1c987
85 points

Surveying Fish market like..

Preview 1b4a8c15 02b8 4ef6 a982 607b9ee60c33
88 points

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