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Me in the winyter vs me in the summer

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75 points

I noticed a carpet beetle larva in my pipe after I finished smoking. No wonder it tasted funny

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71 points


Preview e913b75d 91c8 4533 b6ed 882540719a01
23 points

Gotta keep files extra thafe

Preview 6442c77e e65f 4249 9ba2 30e2fdf4b101
71 points

Boiled penguin eggs

Preview 16187e1b 6d5a 42fb a7f4 237f5d4de82b
59 points

Sure you can live without a triceratops taco holder... But DO you want to???

Preview 7d292282 a4f2 4bb8 a7b0 78fb71a65589
65 points

Pink curry

Preview 0856b0e2 b2cc 457b 8bfd b5f408fe4889
40 points

Visited a relative. I quickly turned around when I saw their toilet...

Preview 339da95f 61f2 4875 b8f9 1acc8f471aa3
63 points

Egg in a Egg.

Preview b12bf4d7 b58a 4a20 83e5 e49518f8f465
63 points

What the tail of a Crested Gecko looks like after its fallen off.

Preview b2c37fae 5230 4fe0 87f9 0108d65476a4
57 points

Banana for scale

Preview 66979706 b4a7 49ca b474 813f126168f9
60 points

Jesus that's big.

Preview 879c906e 2148 4d69 9c51 b23b01167514
60 points

Once you pop...THAT’s GREAT!

Preview 74b1396d f7c2 4ffb b127 f177b920fd0d
43 points

My hand vs thin glass window

Preview ab979fa1 bfa3 48a8 80ca 395f66a0ffd8
56 points

I don't care how much I have to pay for boneless watermelon, it's worth it.

Preview bb01d97c 255a 48e1 8097 74e0da91d365
18 points

In a parallel world

Preview 992dfe25 a3d0 4c32 9371 540c75e5861d
20 points

My squash has developed a new defense mechanism

Preview 1a846008 1e55 4af0 b895 53a724e15414
52 points

This is a shower filter I put in last month after my wife kept complaining about her hair always feeling dirty even after a shower. We live in a high end apartment in NY.

Preview 4d8de1c6 7962 4ed7 a2c0 5cfd673dc84b
23 points

Opening a fresh bag of brown rice from the supermarket for dinn.... OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?!? IT LOOKS LIKE A MOTH GRAVEYARD FROM HELL!!!

Preview 5ff1eeb4 13fa 4eee 8a1b 116233041494
57 points

Too accurate

Preview b9eb8ecf ac3f 4065 89a6 6005e14e7e5a
45 points

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