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My cat likes to leave me little gifts in my boot

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My perfect outfit

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190 points


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168 points

A baby bed inspired by the film "Jaws"

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114 points

When yo pirate friend wants to join in.

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183 points

These vagina nails.

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150 points


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181 points

But it's an anchor. That's what it does. That's its job.

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133 points


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133 points

And I thought normal feet already looked gross as they are

Preview f584e70e 4ee3 40fe af07 5ccf3f5e79e1
152 points

These shoes are just my type

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120 points

Dermatophagia. Ate my skin to the point i can create shapes with it after it goylt rough and dry

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737 points

Rate my new shoeeee

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135 points

I’m getting grandma socks for Christmas

Preview 71f88324 3181 4994 a0ad c21d46dd1939
95 points

Sneak level 100

Preview 8e6cf41e 6db7 4939 9a36 3b83524af3ef
123 points

Invisible man spotted on the metro!

Preview 3c95f413 67fa 4832 bcbb 5ad273cbe650
139 points

Friend on Facebook posted this today. Her gum wad collection, 7 years in the making.

Preview 5e637d2c 8c2d 4dce 90da 0b99dcbd324b
122 points

Amazing bunion surgery

Preview a2924977 6644 4761 a1d9 504b076652c5
107 points

When she says "Take your clothes off and get on the bed."

Preview 23859d84 d1ea 474a 88e8 357efecee8df
157 points

If your dad doesn't have these shoes, do you really have a dad?

Preview 775abdec 4b58 47a6 9d24 3b7e6491167a
160 points

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