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Oh wow!

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Learn Geography with' Murica - Ep.1

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Miss all the old flags... Yugoslavia, U.S.S.R and France

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Lets move ppl

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Interesting things on sale at the gas station

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Superman gets punk'ed!!!

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The "Oranje Leeuwinnen just won the European championship! Congratulations ladies!

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Where is the ball?

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Iceland has beaten a giant again and has qualified for World Cup 2018

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The perfect selfie doesn't exi.....

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For research purpose

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Fus Ro Doh!

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Prank your friends with this trump bait video. ENjoy Happy Halloween!

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Best shirt ever!

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But not just the tip.

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Concert signs.

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JJ Watt's 99 year old great-grandmother Sophie Musial is so proud she even wore her 99 jersey to church this morning. $31 million raised!

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Balancing Act

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This is not an organic meme

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