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Damnit Russia

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If you use Google Maps to look at Windsor Castle, the Street View person-icon turns into the Queen

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102 points

Museums in Denmark don’t fuck around

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116 points

You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means.

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149 points

My Friend *the white one in back* hit a hurdle and we got this picture of the hurdle perfectly upside down

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108 points

Big shadow

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Transferring from an engineering school, this mural on campus just gave me a brain aneurysm

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Stadium in Russia, in order to be compliant for the 2018 World Cup has added more seats.

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141 points

SEA games 2017. Sad but true.

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The bleachers for the Russian World Cup stadium

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For all you pilots out there

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168 points

Never trust Google translate

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114 points

Water bridge Belgium. did you ever get a chance to travel over it? you must be a lucky one if so.

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139 points

If only this was understood

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