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My cat likes to leave me little gifts in my boot

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Anything for my Bae

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190 points

Buying online clothes I found the review picture on the right.

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327 points

My perfect outfit

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190 points

Just going to run

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91 points

Don’t fall down the lift

Preview 2aaa3dd3 c90d 458d 90f9 bf4c77f07c5d

You just painted this? It would be a shame if someone shat on it

Preview 11e749de 98c6 4193 89a1 c3480a048297

No today, Satan! I'm gone!

Preview f1b7e143 8f8b 4b77 a47c 6aba16f1f5c9
79 points

thats one way of saying death to fastfood

Preview 0e8a466d f241 439b ac0a 1e3278d5ec72
124 points

Accurate asf

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109 points


Preview 9375dc97 ce26 426b b532 25e846c3c3a7
104 points


Preview 0928ca8e dc38 4108 acff aaf56b3cfcf9
134 points

This guy's foot. Thought he was wearing a boot at first glance.

Preview c6e5aff2 12e8 470e 8a31 fcea168a656f
118 points

I taped up my friend’s iced tea

Preview 74e503d6 50b9 4360 b5f5 1839c18de78b
121 points


Preview 59df9721 87d2 4a10 926f 131a978e3972
168 points

Finaly found my second nipple

Preview 72b3f928 5537 421f aef3 0a2193b63292
97 points


Preview a872db11 c371 41ba af32 312471723e98

Me and a guy I met at a party wore the same mismatched socks

Preview 75e1819f 4660 49dc 9ab5 765db7616cb7
94 points


Preview c426cd35 1b25 463b a2bd 5bc4550dcfc9
96 points

She told me to take a picture of her foot in the puddle, I took the picture a little early

Preview 320c6fb6 5a3b 4e3b a1ab aee74d8c6659
174 points

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