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*german heavy breathing intensifies*

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You are not alone.

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19 points

That'll be $2000

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10 points

A cyclist's legs after a stage of the Tour de France

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1 points

Before and after bunion surgery. Feet are weird

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17 points

"I'm not like other girls"

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10 points

Mammoth abduction

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110 points


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15 points

What kind of species is this?

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14 points

These Unique Sneakers From Adidas Represent Every State In The US

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3 points

If you dont want your enemies to track your moves.

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8 points

Comic book styled jeans

Preview fd66dd55 b5e8 4a3a b466 238f358a0e6f
18 points

When you want a really "badass" tattoo, but don't know anything about anatomy!

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7 points

He gets it

Preview 761408a1 d4a9 40a4 a4f5 3eb562b4b106
4 points

George Takei's foot

Preview 134e8396 e2e8 4d01 81b6 3705001e56f3
5 points

One of my students asked if he could charge his shoes in the computer lab.

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253 points

Fixed it!

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172 points

Someone explain this to me please.. Why Asians are so weird?

Preview 1b00f031 6789 4004 89cc 27e17f68d36d
261 points

Do u like my new sneakers?

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94 points

The horror

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