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61 points

She told me to take a picture of her foot in the puddle, I took the picture a little early

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Sexy heels

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45 points

4 states at once....

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70 points

Ice shoes

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52 points

A little Cameltoe on the subway

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58 points

Looking down from Angel's Landing, Zion NP

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A baby bed inspired by the film "Jaws"

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77 points

My Dying Wish

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88 points

When she sends you nudes but as a friend

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118 points

Nail salon in Brooklyn..or barnacle shop

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72 points

Magic of morning

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75 points

“Would you like to name your personalised stocking?”

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Is this sweaty palm enough?

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Our vacuum cleaner said the brush needed to be cleaned....

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68 points

These cookies capture the unseasonably warm weather perfectly.

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66 points

I wonder if her pants match her shoes?

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80 points

So, you want to take a shit but not remove your jeans? Say no more!

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70 points

Rate my new shoeeee

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