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New Satanic Temple Billboard.

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120 points

A local restaurant takes parking seriously

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94 points

Sign on the door of a massage parlor in Cambodia

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163 points

Shots fired by the local Barber shop.

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56 points

At my nephew's football game and this sign at the field cracked me up

Preview 4b7a948c 51b4 4b67 9166 9213011ddd8f
85 points

To Catch a Santa - Guy duct tape and bricks over 20 flood lamps on his roof and on makeshift posts around his house.

Preview f20feb30 6b58 4cb5 919c ca682f52d9e9
59 points

Tresspassers beware

Preview 65d5573c a88e 4cec 9135 e0880eea779f


Preview 5c1e3594 f321 468d 8d07 6093fc137d8c
91 points

A peak inside the male brain

Preview 20b24efc f4fb 4efd ae44 4100ac95b2a0
109 points

Paid for by the satanic temple

Preview ed2cd859 bff9 4a3a a7bc 0c775aba3cdd

Smoking is good for the environment because it kills humans

Preview e6bd642f e621 4c91 bc07 1303e68bd0bf
65 points

This sign at a local park

Preview de7daaa9 cbaa 49e5 a2d3 cd5e49133817
81 points

"You're in" Danger at the Norfolk Zoo.

Preview 2cff3253 036e 403a 95ce e58cba879667
82 points

Don't buy property next to a farm...

Preview 388736cc b6bf 4f1c 9fd9 76a3a2f1bb30
16 points

Water is wet

Preview a948106c e377 4c72 b0e3 7d7ecd35d10e
259 points

Worst superhero ever..

Preview 24a74e26 cde9 4027 a7f1 768b33e1286b
54 points

This is hilarious!

Preview 635dcc11 cb1f 41fa 8cb1 448793d0b26f
201 points


Preview 6fb7f554 11f9 45bc 95af 01efaedb4752
55 points

At the local baseball park

Preview 71659227 6708 4ab1 91a6 839ef15f6028
115 points

Mad squirrel

Preview 04f11420 2fe9 4924 b85c a3f7eb39cc08
21 points

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