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When you think you took a selfie but found a cinematic movie set instead

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On my way to work everyday

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A tree that growing upside down

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8 points


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19 points

The sky is falling

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16 points

Yesterday I hiked to a small lake, elected the "most beautiful place in Switzerland"

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I have found a really fat squirrel :)

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11 points

Fog waves

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10 points

Jeane Claude Van Racoon

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52 points

Sound of the perfect thud

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Road through a Redwood

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19 points

Sheep blocking the trail

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Found near Alta Colorado

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20 points

On a cycling route from Belgium to the Netherlands

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19 points

Butrint, Albania

Preview 3727ed1a bf93 4c69 8c3a 25a206a4f801

I feel like I'm being watched..

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14 points


Preview 194ec9b3 da76 4630 9957 1df424a9d3f6
85 points

Let’s do shrooms in the forest they said, it’ll be a great time they said

Preview 1c8feb74 a0ad 488f b14e 59349261b502
24 points

"You can't take nice pictures with your smartphone"they said... And I got this, no filter, couldn't believe it!

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Human for scale center right.

Preview 4d19810b 1ecc 49ec 8b0b 080f5f166b85
59 points

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