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Tree Ornaments

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62 points

Quit while you're ahead

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85 points

This dog leaving his friends to go explore another planet

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No wonder she was wicked

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75 points

Anyone need firewood?

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80 points

Squirrel stole my pizza, carries it up a tree, taunts me with it.

Preview bbd9c054 51d4 4e7f b274 a7f7f8b1a14c

I moved to Mammoth Lakes to ski lines like these, Rock Chute, Sherwin Ridge

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This is the river after an ice jam in Pennsylvania. That’s all ice.

Preview a5149e1b d06a 42a7 9c6f cdf38449533c
85 points

My Dad makes my step mom take pictures of him doing weird things when we have record breaking low temperatures

Preview 39956244 3f8f 4982 810c 91f9f31ce3be
93 points

Cable car to Mount Hua, China

Preview ffa553d3 9f2a 4148 86ff 7580e4ba4515

Why I trim my pubes.

Preview 0a2723ce df3d 497f 8852 ea87d947daad
93 points

pic of my friend falling in the snow

Preview ed7a868d f652 4fda bfe0 74891166adee

It was foggy the last 2 days. Decided to make my fear as a kid come to life.

Preview 9072c6b0 af12 4504 8808 709b96334227
98 points

Caught me mid-sneeze

Preview 5d5d5eb6 1260 45b9 84f7 2b799353ebca
106 points

Winter Snow Storm - lightning in the clouds revealed by filter. Unfiltered and more pics for comparison in comments

Preview 74157816 9497 4c25 8362 997d044339e0

Scrub python seen crossing the road in northern Queensland, Australia.

Preview ea7cf2a3 b526 4322 b3c6 5453b75dc124
22 points

There was a fire in my hometown cemetery.

Preview 1879a91c 202c 45d5 8bf3 a712c2a48229
15 points

Having Food

Preview 4fd52c47 92ad 4c52 86fa c8e05ba311b4

Green / Yellow

Preview 1dc434d7 d1f7 42a7 9fcb 3339d042859f
11 points

A dog slipping

Preview ea70e815 0f1c 4b8f 8017 1e52f717cb09

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