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Most honest verizon rep ever?

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77 points

About as petty as it gets

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130 points

Anatomy of Songs

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136 points

I did dis

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139 points

15 women who shot down horny guys via text

Preview a8ac16ef 2b52 4e0a 9dd1 d258a01340bd
153 points

4 : ????? . 5 : Profits.

Preview cb76d479 19c6 4af7 af52 bfc6cbe6e8cd
121 points

Sounds good, doesn't work.

Preview 3560513d d858 4cb7 a4be 9f14418cc7ba
101 points

Today is my last day at work. I wonder how long it will take them to deactivate my email account.

Preview 3230d7da f655 426c af38 81a4ca92d3b8
102 points

Perfect timing in posting.

Preview 3cd6d4a6 b4aa 4e72 8ed3 fd9d603350d9
100 points


Preview 84e69232 bab1 4f28 805d a47cfc76ff64
93 points

F**king Luis

Preview 65261b34 8f78 45a5 9a64 3947c3671863
105 points

Well that escalated quickly

Preview 1e667e27 b802 40db bcd0 3575e437277e
61 points

Family now days

Preview 1efca2bd 949d 4f13 947a 2054ea602a4b
141 points

Probably my favorite post from Ken M

Preview bcfd568a 7329 4528 8f22 cc3f92f76abb

Are you okay?

Preview f5e0b2be 99f0 42ff 8f7d f25fbd2215e2

*Ba dum tss*

Preview 7889ff4e 010c 4404 97a0 90e1d2c57847
89 points

Mum said no

Preview 01756154 c5ff 434c a839 5ce5975436b9
72 points

What's the lowest you'll go on it?

Preview 5ede7f6a 5ce4 4f05 a198 8804c96c38f8
68 points

Do you remember?

Preview 71ed5cc0 72f6 4652 9e85 f3072bde3c2e
80 points

This guy spent months courting my wife for a 3-way. We had our first meet up scheduled later that week.

Preview cbbc345c 43fe 49bb 93d1 2982dbebf3d5
104 points

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