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Back garden connected to a townhouse in Währing, Vienna, Austria

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82 points

Inside Glasgow's Kelvingrove Museum

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91 points

Alex Honnold’s free solo up 3000 ft cliff face

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Taking a dip.

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Lift them up and they crap all over you.

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The Challenger hit by lightning, 1983.

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"Here is a drawing. It was drawn with pen on a piece of paper by a person and it is here now. End of description."

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171 points

My son said, "Dad, look at the croc in the water!"

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118 points

Behold, the human fountain

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124 points

Oh my life...

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101 points

The majestic.......

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112 points

Geko eating a Geko eating a Geko

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99 points

I think this one was pretty good timed, heh, my mom, my brother and his friend

Preview e79c6478 cf73 4f69 8463 b99d2f2cd115
135 points

Car driving through a deep puddle

Preview d762c668 0bbb 40fd a124 4e0fc6116224

My brother-in-law just fell victim to this sinkhole in Cairo, Egypt.

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91 points

Slip N Slide

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The luxurious interior of an 1893 Pullman parlor car

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231 points

Mother Nature vs fireworks

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116 points


Preview b2b9e5ed 7a4f 4fb6 84aa 92e2a02f8d4d
111 points

The picture NASA didn't want you to see

Preview 993f4540 bd61 4266 b270 698a7f1b4452
125 points

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