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Peter Jackson with the cast before they began filming Lord of the Rings

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There is so much beauty in this picture

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The Skarsgards. Father and Sons.

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Ice cold...

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Dont call me if the trip aint this lit

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A fun photo remake from the 80's with my siblings.

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Welcoming my coworker back to the office properly after his extended medical leave. --

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20 points

Dinosaur kid

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24 points

Real life heroes

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Late stage abortion!

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I see you cast of Game of thrones and raise you Friends' cast (early 1980's)

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Old times

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Richard Nixon, shortly after John McCain was released, 1973.

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Bring shame to family

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This photo was made by CIA in case Hitler would escape from Berlin bunker in 1945

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6 points

When you're no longer the only child

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152 points

That's what I call self-control

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598 points

When you see IT :)

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92 points

Iran before and after Islamic Revolution

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