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My phone knows me all too well.

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59 points

Jesus, would you look at the time

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76 points

Only Google knows what Google is...

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76 points


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63 points

2 lame fortune cookies

Preview 19b150ac a722 4fe9 a4a7 c8d4a0e32e08
85 points

Special needs teachers put this up today.

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95 points

Church Notice

Preview d54ecdfb 09d1 45d8 9518 120b6c9cdf3e
108 points

It all makes sense now!

Preview cf0505f1 d4b1 42f3 aa60 6d83bcbcd913
90 points

We should never have let the French make our new passports

Preview 6370825a 67aa 423d b691 bac53aa17f44
103 points

My wife slid this under the bathroom door for me.

Preview 74cb534d 8c8f 40ab 92e3 4a3775bbf482
85 points

This is why I love this game.

Preview 2d6a98a3 4547 447e bfa3 662fed61aa20
109 points

Found the Reddit section in my bookstore.

Preview a3b55c78 9556 4b04 a182 a274429883a0
73 points

How to spot drunk drivers in Michigan

Preview 10b1095a cfd1 4248 a6d1 df9f4865e3ca
53 points

Return from the Stars, by Stanislaw Lem, published 1961.

Preview 92eb03ab a11d 4797 88f5 0b0c3713aa3b
63 points

Asking the real question here

Preview ce5d5ffb b84c 460b 907a af9696862ba2
100 points

Visual depiction of my anxiety

Preview 24d5914d 4464 40af bbe8 40bd6152a602
96 points

At a local hamburger restaurant...

Preview 3d8eac05 124a 429c bff5 fa8ca9986669
101 points

How to do this??

Preview 93855d46 277f 42f7 ba42 f330c42944dd
95 points

For the glory of Satan of course!

Preview 96f8f107 844b 4bbc 8204 4d69791780e0
79 points

The loudest sound ever

Preview 45936df1 6680 40cb b746 96e333501c01
90 points

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