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Look at those ankles!!

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10 points

Don't do it

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21 points

A 3D rendering of an actual "curb stomped" homeless man from Friday night.

Preview cabbfa60 06bf 4bd7 809b 6e5277929958
14 points

I feel so sad for him

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17 points

I think you need to remove your tooth.

Preview 19a6e381 a4cb 473c b6a8 1057cf7d6391
13 points

Those Damn wizards

Preview 21d5743e b537 435b 87b4 e90a0f6353ea
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24 points

Primary school teacher illustrates funny conversations of everyday life in the classroom in comics

Preview 4572ced3 d245 4355 b70b 9d0e11c2ba89
40 points

New post Damn that must have hurt seriously!Damn that must have hurt briefly!

Preview 92a94d28 6c7c 4bb6 819f 562f27daa036
93 points

What a child's skull looks like before losing their baby teeth

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22 points

How to survive a bad situation

Preview 582d8558 4998 4939 94fe c443294fe694
5 points

Jep..thats me

Preview d3c7ecdd c109 4ed9 b934 41f304a105f1
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13 points

Safety pin ingestion OC

Preview 9189b654 675c 4468 ac96 92770603fcf8
4 points

CT scan of an unrestrained passenger's skull after a road traffic accident.

Preview e50f154c e02f 41db 8049 321c19eb5a1e
19 points

A gorilla skeleton compared to a humans.

Preview 3a1b9188 9a5b 44ee 8404 b937091e357c
16 points

girl chokes on fidget spinner

Preview 80f942c2 b9c7 4bc4 9014 9f818c8ea5bd
84 points

Columbian Soldier with a live 40mm grenade in his skull

Preview 22d0356b 8bc1 43d1 940b e5703445dc8f
17 points

Data really is beautiful

Preview f4b871cf f200 4518 a166 c673e0506d6c

I love this artist!

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