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Gun browsing, came across this description

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Not needed

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60 points

Violin cake.

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23 points

My boyfriend's pinky toe after catching a football in mid-air and landing on a rock.

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23 points

True shit

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85 points

Send nudes

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106 points

Pretty much explains itself.

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21 points

People were asked to write down their fear at a museum exhibit

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68 points

The Ring

Preview f7050d17 6a05 4e61 ba38 4968352a2027
55 points

My new IPad case Vs my 2 cats : Guess who won?

Preview 8ab21d8a ab3f 4bb7 a990 4020d8bcf5c0

Ded. Much helpfulness

Preview 781962bf bb92 4d2b a67f 1224abc5c2d9
10 points

Typical salty YouTube comment section

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Time to say goodbye to the sun again

Preview dcb3eedb 9723 46e7 952f d15270b7e2f9

Eye see what you did there.

Preview b5c8c612 ecaf 4c4b 81b3 cb5db07b910f
77 points

Thanks a lot, google.

Preview aecac964 134c 4310 afe9 bc88081db9e7
24 points

Found this on IG and had to share

Preview d6c59c77 173a 4acf 884c a8761639670c
20 points

The iPhoneX is playing all of you haha

Preview e174601c d9f6 438d a8b1 e44dad942825
20 points

The only place I get accepted for who I really am

Preview 99ac07f3 2774 41c9 9c4f f8e6c6614bbf
20 points

You never know where a quest will come from.

Preview 5408e69e e563 419a 92af b9636066b534
24 points

I have mixed feelings about this

Preview 54e3f89f 4898 4ea7 aa24 14066453391d
19 points

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